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BitOffer Bitcoin Options Volume Passed $1 Billion while Institutions Entered

BTC options trading volume has achieved historical high since the halving occurred on 12th of May. Bitoffer, as one of the most specialized STO exchanges in the world, shows that the trading volume of options trading exceeded $ 1 billion in the BTC halving week. The data further updates that a large number of institutional investors bought bitcoin options when Bitcoin hit the 10,000 mark, and block transaction data skyrocketed by 10 times, accounting for about 70% of the day’s trading volume. It can be seen that after the Bitcoin halving, the funds have gradually entered the market and the mid-to-long-term market outlook continues to be optimistic.

Behind the large-scale entry of institutions, the bitcoin market has frequently collapsed. There were 5 flash crashes and dives in a week before the $10,000 mark, and the declines were all above $200 within 1 hour, which caused the market atmosphere to become increasingly negative and the long lineup began to split and disintegrate and ended with a straight-line decline of 4.3% on the night of 20th of the May. Many people were miserable as the futures liquidation volume reached more than 1 hundred million US dollars at that night, while others may felt thankful since even experienced the slump at the BTC halving night, the return of those open interest options is still as high as $170 million.

Under such extremely market, there’ no doubt that the options wins the futures completely in comparison mainly because the unique preponderance of Bitcoin, such as the Bitcoin option launched by Bitoffer, which has 0 deposit, 0 fee and with its own 1000X leverages but without the liquidation mechanism, which is more suitable for the short-term fluctuation market. However, the futures only hold the 100X leverages with higher cost and the liquidation risk with any carelessness and that is extremely dangerous. The option has no such worries because when spending a very small cost can obtain excess returns, even if the direction is wrong, there will be only a little loss of premium.

What is Bitcoin Option?

In some ways, Trading Bitcoin Options is similar to trading BTC on the spot trading market. Both need investors to predict the Bitcoin price in the future, but Options trading supports investors to long or short Bitcoin: Buy call when you expect the Bitcoin price to be bullish, but put when you expect the Bitcoin price to be bearish. If investors buy a call, they would earn the price spread as profits when the Bitcoin price rises; If investors buy put, investors would earn the price spread as profits when the Bitcoin price drops. In short, investors will be able to earn a huge profit with a small budget in this way.

So how to trade Bitcoin options?

For example, the Bitcoin now is $10,000 and you expect it will rise after 1 hour, therefore, you open a 1-hour call option and spend 20 USDT costs. As expected, Bitcoin rose by US $500 in 1 hour, and the system automatically settled within 1 hour of expiration. You get a return of US $ 500, which is equivalent to 25 times the return of the principal.

If bitcoin falls for the next hour, you will lose 20 USDT of the initial cost, which is the benefit of the option, “unlimited return with limited risk.”

How do options compare to contract in advantages?

For example:

When the current price of Bitcoin is 10,000 US dollars, and when it rises from 10,000 to 10,500 US dollars.

1. Futures, buy a call option and earn 500 dollars

2. Contract, so how can the contract make $ 500?

For example, open a contract with 500 US dollars as principal and make 20X leverage, then Bitcoin needs to rise by at least 5% to double its assets, that is, a 5% increase from 10,000 US dollars to 10,500 US dollars.

When the contract and option return are the same

Futures, need to invest 500 USD

Options, need to invest 10 dollars

After comparison, the option investment is extremely low and also as the natural risk, which the return is very high: the investment of 10 US dollars can get a return of 500 US dollars, based on cost calculation is equivalent to 50 times the return. By a slight comparison, we can see that it is hard for futures to catch up with the options.



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