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BitOffer Exchange: Leveraged ETF Fund replaces contract transactions of high profits but no risk of liquidation

According to foreign media reports, Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest crypto asset management company, is preparing for the ETF appearance on the market and has announced at least 9 ETF-related positions on LinkedIn to apply for a Complete ETF team. Therefore, Grayscale Investments is very likely to launch the first Bitcoin ETF fund in the USA.

It is necessary for Bitcoin of involving in ETF funds to be compliant financial assets. It would be a good chance to take good advantage if the first Bitcoin ETF fund has been put forward in a certain country. However, it finally depends on when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve Grayscale to launch a Bitcoin ETF.

It’s proved that Bitcoin gradually has been becoming an investment asset of global consensus. As institutions and listed companies continue to buy Bitcoin will go up gradually. The current market has been into an institution-led pattern and the market purchasing power is very strong. When institution reaches the same consensus, the price of Bitcoin will get higher and higher. Pay attention to the 21 million of Bitcoin’s total circulation that Bitcoin is as scarce as gold.

From the second half of 2019, The cryptocurrency derivatives market is in an explosive period. The contract occupies almost all of the market share because it costs low about the contract. The investors can use leverage to make magnification of their funds and the risk also makes magnification. Many investors play the contract with the speculative psychology of being small and broad, but in the end, it can not avoid the tragedy of liquidation.

Lucian, Bitoffer’s Chief Analyst, said that now the contract investors generally have a winning rate of less than 30%. Many people have experienced countless liquidations and few people can become a winning general in the market. There are few investors earning money by contract. Pay attention that no matter which market you are in, if you have been in a state of loss, it is very likely that there is a problem with the operation, but the wrong product.

BitOffer firstly put forward BTC and ETH\ leveraged ETF fund around the world last year, which can enjoy the leveraged high profits of contract and avoid the risk of contract liquidation of leveraged products. For investors who are keen on futures contracts, investing in ETF funds is also a good choice.

Compared contrast with the leveraged ETF fund, there are obvious advantages that the ETF fund has free deposit and fees and no liquidation and can enjoy high profits of 3 times to 17 times. Lucian said BitOffer ‘s leveraged ETF fund will gradually replace the contrast of the current market.

On March,12th 2021, Bitoffer developed new products about DOT、LINK、UNI、SUSHI. Lucian said most of any other mainstream currency and DeFi currency would be developed to satisfy the needs of crypto market investors. Now it is very active in leveraged ETF Fund trading. Especially in the primary subscription market, the total monthly subscription volume exceeded $1 billion, which is even much higher than the spot transaction volume.

Leveraged ETF fund income compares spot and contract:

For example, you invest $10,000 Bitcoin Leveraged ETF fund, spot currency, and BTC3X at %50,000.

If Bitcoin goes up from $50,000 to $55,000, the increasing rate is 10%.

1. The spot currency profit is 10%, you get $1,000 profits.

2. The contrast profits is 30%, you get $3,00 profits.

3. The leveraged ETF fund gets profits above 30%, the minimal profit is $3,000. you can get the 3 times to 17 times profits if the market is a unilateral pull, that is to say, you can get the $17,000 profits. Therefore, why not buy the ETF funds.

Comparing other ETF products on other exchange:

1. Bitoffer: No fees. The handling fee is only 0.1%. If the investment is $10,000, buy it and sell it to get $20.

2. The fee is 0.1% in Huobi, Binance and OKEx. The handling fee is 0.2%. If the investment is $10,000, it will spend $10 every day. Receive 300 yuan a month, accounting for 3% of the total funds, and another transaction, another 40 yuan. In contrast, BitOffer leveraged ETFs are very cost-effective and can at least save you a lot of money.



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