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BitOffer Institute: Bitcoin options have exploded by more than $1 billion due to settlement

According to the options trading data from BitOffer, On June 26, with the due to settlement exceeding $1 billion, Bitcoin has experienced its largest option expiration event in history. Of which BitOffer exchanges accounted for 73%, followed by Deribit and OKEX. This is an important milestone for the digital asset space, reflecting the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency options market through 2020 and its growing influence on bitcoin price movements.

The question is this phenomenon leads to significant market volatility? This is the main concern of most investors. The price of Bitcoin continued to decline on June 26, the day it was hitting an intraday low of $8,841, which is the lowest price recently. It is worth noting that a large number of expirations mean that a new round of open options contracts will follow, and there are strong bullish expectations for bitcoin’s performance after halving. It is likely to spur a V-shaped rebound of bitcoin and breakthrough $10,000.

Lucian, the chief analyst at BitOffer exchange said that the encryption currency derivatives market has developed rapidly in 2020, especially in the options volume constantly refresh the record. At the same time, we also see the ETH options in rapid growth, at the month of ETH options being launch in BitOffer, its volume became more than $500 million. The options market is getting popular and the encryption market is gradually maturing, and likely having a better prospect versus the contract market.

As is known to all, BitOffer is the largest bitcoin options exchange, and it has launched the world’s first American-style options of BTC, ETH, BSV, and BCH. The biggest feature of BitOffer is that no matter whether it is a bull market or a bear market, it has the opportunity to obtain up to a thousand times of excess income without any margin or handling fee. Bitoffer options provide 11 sections to choose from 2 minutes to 7 days. Besides, it is worth mentioning that the bitcoin option spot index is composed of the equivalent weights of 7 exchanges.

For example, as the price of Bitcoin was 9000 US dollars, Tom and Jerry predict that Bitcoin was expected to continue to rise, so they bought bitcoin contract and bitcoin options, respectively.

· 1. Tom choose to purchase a Bitcoin contract which cost $9000

· 2. Jerry choose to buy a bitcoin option which costs about $5

As they wish, after Tom and Jerry placed the orders, the bitcoin price rose sharply, which less than an hour, from 9,000 US dollars to 9,500 US dollars.

By comparison, Tom and Jerry get the same benefits, but the cost gap is very large.

· 1. Tom spent $9,000 and earned $ 500, which is a 5.5% return on the cost.

· 2. Jerry spent $5 and earned $500, which is calculated as 10,000% of the income.

Conversely, if bitcoin fell from 9,000 US dollars to 8,500 US dollars in one hour, Tom will be lost 500 dollars, and Jerry only lost the option fee, which would be 5 dollars.

Which means Jerry can get an interest in BTC for a very low price. This is what we say Limited losses and Unlimited gains.

Since the price of Bitcoin has been very volatile, more and more investors have started to use options to hedge the downside risk of the spot, to realize a stable progressive investment.

For example, the current price of Bitcoin is $10,000:

1. If the price rises to $11,000, the spot profit will be $1,000

2. If the price falls to $9000, the spot loss will be $1000

The cost is only about $20 if you buy a put option for hedging on BitOffer. Once the bitcoin drops from $10,000 to $9,000, the spot loss will be $1,000 and the put option will make $1,000 without loss.

As the risk is completely washed out, when you start hedging, you could make money when the price goes up, and you could save the cost when it goes down. This is the hedge between options and spots, besides, many investors using options to hedge contracts as well.



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