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BitOffer Institute: Bull Run on Bitcoin Unstoppable, Options Trading Exploded

Since Bitcoin reached the new ATH in October, the bull run on Bitcoin has announced its unstoppable trend. Even Ripple was trapped in its law issue with SEC, which made XRP once reached a -70% change within a week, and DeFi Tokens experienced a significant dump, Bitcoin still remained to be bullish as its price kept running above the level of $22500. With its effects, the whole Bitcoin derivatives market experienced extreme increases, especially the options trading. The Daily Active Users, volume, and other indicators of the BitOffer Options reached a new peak, and towards the “trillion” target.

The year 2020 is destined to be the craziest year with several milestones: 1. Black Swan on March 12th; 2. The Third Halving on Bitcoin Block Rewards; 3. DeFi Exploded; 4. Ethereum 2.0 reached the threshold to launch the ETH2 Mainnet; 5. Bitcoin Reached a new ATH.

After being through those events, Bitcoin Options seems to be the best performed one to ensure investors pass the year 2020 safely.

According to the data on, the Black Swan on March 12th caused more than ten billion USD liquidations to happen. At the same time, the volume of Bitcoin Options met an explosion, the daily trading volume broke through 1 billion USD which was created by more than 100,000 daily active users. Moreover, more than 70% of them took more than $5,000 averagely as profits from put options contract.

Since then, huge market moves on August 14th, November 26th, and December 16th, the day Bitcoin stepped over 20K USD, two hundred thousand traders on BitOffer Bitcoin Options lifted up the volume to 5 billion USD. With the ability to enable people to bet for 1,000X leveraged profits, Options traders took numerous profits from Bitcoin Options trading.

Statistically, before the Bull Run came, most options traders focus on the Bitcoin market. However, after the bull run has been fully introduced, the options markets using ETH and BSV as the underlying also met a huge increase in the volumes. Those 2 plus Bitcoin Options helped BitOffer Options reached 10 Billion USD in volume, it also brought up a new peak.

20k USD Breakthrough in Bitcoin, 500 USD Breakthrough in ETH, they only seemed to be the starting of the bull. As time passes, BitOffer Options is about to climb to another peak in the near future.

Lucian, the Chief Analyst on BitOffer, indicated” Touched 10 Billion is only the initial mission (of Bitcoin Options) in 2020. In the next period, BitOffer will launch BitOffer futures without Order Book. It subverts the traditional mode of the Bitcoin Futures. With its great liquidity and depth, executing orders only need less than 1 second. Furthermore, as the Perpetual Swap, BitOffer Futures will not charge funding rates, which means users can keep their position being held but never be charged for any fees.

We deeply trust that it will be the next trend in the market as it owns unique advantages.”

Merry Christmas…



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