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BitOffer Institute: Investing in Bitcoin? You’d Better Check Bitcoin 7-DAY Savings That Gives 30% Fixed APY

By February 2021, the whole market capitalization has a breakthrough to 1.7 trillion USD as that of Bitcoin surpassed 1 trillion USD, being the fifth one after Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. From the return of the rate, the return of Bitcoin was more than 300% in the past year, which owned a fabulous performance while comparing with stock markets, gold, and other traditional assets.

Under the background with a serious QE, some countries may already repeat the same inflation which is as fearful as the inflation in the 70s. In the coming days, to anti-inflation effectively, each family needs to have a 5 to 10% allocation for cryptocurrency in their portfolio. Obviously, a further increase in the cryptocurrency market cap can be imagined.

Among renowned institutions, Grayscale kept increasing the size of their holding positions such as Bitcoin. Meanwhile, “Bitcoin could rally as high as $146,000 in the long term as it competes with gold as an ‘alternative’ currency”, said in a report from J.P. Morgan recently. In the long-term, it means that the bull run of Bitcoin seems just at the initial stage as comments from traditional finance changes.

Thus, either now or future, wealth management products that give stable interests are the rigid demands in the cryptocurrency market. After figuring out the fact, 7-DAY Savings has been launched after Quantitative Fund (A product that also guarantees investors’ capital and interest) on February 22nd, 2021. Bitcoin 7-DAY Savings on BitOffer guarantees investors’ capital and helps investors get a 30% fixed annualized yield. As the period is only 7 days, compound investing is available for investors to reach a higher rate of return in it. The whole period of the 7-DAY Savings is short. Literally, investors can achieve substantial fixed profits like a breeze even they are a newbie to the finance market.

The interests of BitOffer 7-DAY Savings is made by arbitraging from the market. Knowing the truth that an entire year has 52 weeks, if an investor keeps investing in it with their initial capital and interests, the compound pattern would improve the APY to 35%, a number that is much more gorgeous than the same type of investments on other platforms.

[Product Detail]

Name of the Product: 7-DAY Savings;

Type: A short-term investment that guarantees investors’ capital and fixed interest;

Annualized Yield: 30%

Min. Investment: 100 USDT

Rules for Purchasing: Anytime As You Like

Rules for Redeeming: Redemption will be made automatically when the settlement date comes, and all the funds being relative to 7-DAY Savings will be transferred to your financial account. Redemption is not available before the specific settlement date.

Period: 7 Days

A Simple Comparison between BitOffer 7-DAY Savings and the same type of Products on Binance, Huobi Global, and OKEx:

Investing in Bitcoin is not as profitable as investing in 7-DAY Savings?

Since the 3rd halving happened on Bitcoins, the bull run has started without a sound. Plus, institutions such as Grayscale kept increasing their holding position, which lifted up the price of Bitcoin. After the high at $20,000, the ATH in 2017 was broken, and once the breakthrough even happened to $58,000. Within a year, the pump of Bitcoin has exceeded 600%. However, even such a miracle-bull-run came, most investors chose to wait and see on the outside since buying in at such a high price may cause them to be held up by Bitcoins.

For sure, the position of Bitcoin has been reached a new ATH, buying in means an obvious risk comes. Taking the day of Bitcoin was at $58,000, if you buy Bitcoin at that price, then at least Bitcoin needs to reach $78,000, then you would be able to get 30% profits returning with bearing a risk of Bitcoin Crash.

On the other side, the 7-DAY Savings is a much easier game as its rules are to guarantee investors’ investments and make stable interest be made for investors. Anytime as you like, with a “Purchase” flip, you would already embrace a 7-DAY fixed 30% APY. Furthermore, with a compound investing pattern, a 35% Annualized Yield is as easy as falling off a log.



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