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BitOffer Institute: What does the tenfold increase in Bitcoin dual-currency transactions portend?

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, under the influence of the COVID19, Bitcoin completed the historic bottoming quickly. On the eve of halving, the price down from $10000 to $3800. When the price falling sharply, a large amount of money poured in. Eventually, thanks to the overfall and the halving, bitcoin was successfully brought back to the original point of $10,000 and touched the bottom of the V-shape.

As a result of the halving, the whole Bitcoin market has undergone tremendous changes. The emergence of DEFI, in which COMP soared about 500%, led to a feverish in the whole digital money wealth management market. As of July, the locked fund in the DEFI market officially exceeded $2 billion! Following the boom of DEFI, dual-currency also showed a sharp surge. According to BitOffer, the transaction volume of dual-currency financial management surged by 10 times recently. Moreover, due to the convergence of Bitcoin fluctuation in July, the return of dual-currency financial management increased by nearly 50%.

In fact, users flocked to aggressively buying BitOffer dual-currency, is the result of multiple factors:

External Factors:

1. Affected by COVID19, most people tend to reduce the financial risk

2. Financial market substantial increase in revenue which appeals to people

3. Recently, under the smaller undulation of Bitcoin’s price, people turn to find other possibilities in the financing market

Internal Factors:

1. One-day financial planning average of 1%+ stable returns

2. Earn your profits no matter the rise and fall

3. Flexible configuration with different choices of period

4. Earn BTC while the price goes down, earn USDT while the price goes up

5. Easily making profits with wisely financial management

6. Annualized returns of up to 1,000%

With the combination of internal and external factors, many investment users have seen the advantages of dual-currency. Rather than sinking in the spot market, it is better to secure fixed income.

The advantage of dual-currency

For example, the current price of bitcoin is $10,000. Take holding one bitcoin as an example.

1 If bitcoin goes up 2% and the price of Bitcoin is 10200, then you will get a return of $200 from holding spot. If you buy dual-currency at the fixed price of 10200, and the profit forecast is more than 2 points, then USDT will be settled when the bitcoin rises to $10200, and your return will be about $200.

2. If the future does not rise or fall or is around 10000 USD, then the spot is basically break-even. But if you buy 1-day dual-currency finance at 10000 USD, the yield will be around 1 point. No matter whether the settlement is BTC or USDT, it is equivalent to making 100 USD.

3. If the spot drops 2%, or even more, then your spot loss will more than $200. Meanwhile, dual-currency pegged to 9800 prices, the earnings forecast is around 0.5%, which gives you BTC as income, then you can still earn about $50. If you buy a dual-currency with the pegged price of $10,000 when it falls to 9800, then the one-day return can be as high as 3%, which equivalently that the subsequent Bitcoin will return to the origin of $10,000 with the cash break-even, you will earn at least $300.

Therefore, Lucian, the chief analyst of BitOffer pointed out, because of the unique reverse option mechanism of dual-currency, even in the bitcoin plunge, you can still achieve a high annualized return. Compared with traditional finance, which the highest annualized return is only 5%, while the one-week return of dual-currency easily beats it. And in the BTC sideways shock period can still achieve a stable 1 point of income, very suitable for individual investors. There is no need to judge the rise and fall of the currency price, earn BTC while the price goes down, earn USDT while the price goes up, which is very suitable to replace spot products.



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