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BitOffer: With the upcoming Ethereum 2.0, the number of ETH call options increase about 1000%

On June 29, Ethereum 2.0 Altona V0.12 beta was officially launched. Currently, Prysm, Teku, Lighthouse, and Nimbus have been tested and if all goes well, Ethereum 2.0 will launch in November, which is great news for the ETH owners. As Ethereum 2.0 is about to launch, the ETH related derivatives could be on the verge of a new breakout point, meanwhile, the numbers of call options soaring about 1,000%.

Similar to the current multi-client test network, Altona could be considered as a developer network than an end-user-centric test network. Ethereum developers still refer to Altona as “devnet” because it is primarily used to eliminate bugs in multi-client Settings and fundamental network synchronization issues, and with the completed of 2.0 upgrade, there will effectively prevent the blockchain fork.

Compared to Ethereum 1.0, there are two new features in Ethereum 2.0

The first one is the equity proof mechanism, POS.

From 1.0, the Ethereum’s mechanism is POW (proof of work), which is a consensus mechanism for workload proof. With it, Ethereum 1.0 could be able to deal with denial of service attacks and other economic responses by service abuse, though it has to deal with time-consuming. However, the POS is different. The POS goes faster and efficiently to verify the number of ETH pledged by the node, which to determine the equity interest obtained.

The second is the Shard chain.

Currently, Ethereum 1.0 uses a single chain based on security. Compared with the single chain, the shard chain places data processing between many nodes, which is more helpful for verifying information and speeding up transactions. According to the test reports released by Ethereum, the Ethereum single-chain should be split into 64 different shard chains, which would increase the throughput of Ethereum by 64 times.

Regarding the test, the Ethereum development team said that Prysm, Teku, Lighthouse, and Nimbus will allow the release of the deposit agreement address to the public to participate when it is completed.

Recently, Talky, the developer of Ethereum Technology, released a report about Ethereum 2.0 staking ecosystem. According to the survey of 287 Ethereum holders, 32.8% of the surveyed users intend to run their verification node, 33.1% intend to use a third-party staking service, and only 2.8% do not intend to stake. This shows that the MAJORITY of ETH currency holders understand the staking reward of Ethereum and are willing to participate in POS, which also reflects the ETH currency holders’ optimistic about the future value ETH, which will undoubtedly contribute to the high price of ETH.

For the Ethereum 2.0 upcoming news, BitOffer institute predicted that in the future, after a while, there will be a derivatives flashpoint associated with ETH relative products. Especially the ETH call options, with smaller funds can embody the dozens and hundreds of times of profits, which is truly a huge temptation for investors.

Since the launch of the ETH options, BitOffer Exchange has attracted numerous investors to participate. There plenty of investors have gained hundreds or even thousands of times of the principal through a few dollars. The charm of the option itself is the high return under a very low risk which with only a few dollars cost.

Since the Ethereum team released version 2.0 tests, the number of ETH call options has increased by 1,000% in recently. According to BitOffer Exchange, it is worth noting that not only institutional investors, but also individual investors are following up with a large number of ETH call options. Some agency’s representatives said the expecting price of ETH could rise to more than $1,000 after the 2.0 upgrade.

As the old saying goes, “a wise man is always seizing the chance and turning it into success.” Therefore, when the opportunity comes, we should be aware and grasp it as soon as possible to harvest our wealth.



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