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Compliance of Cryptocurrency Exchange Required, BitOffer Will Lead the Trend!

With the continuous development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, cryptocurrency exchanges are springing up like mushrooms. It seems that everyone is opening cryptocurrency exchanges, but do these exchanges have a future? Exchanges without core value are bound to go a long way, and the future direction of exchanges must be to provide a token with real value, while STO is a good direction.

The so-called STO is Security Token Offering, that is, Security Token Offering in the era of blockchain, which can be regarded as an IPO in the era of blockchain. Its main feature is that the issuance of Token is regulated by the government in a lawful and compliant way. Today I will introduce you all to one of the scarce STO cryptocurrency exchanges in the market — Bitoffer

I. platform introduction
Bitoffer is an STO cryptocurrency exchange, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, dedicated to identifying high-quality digital asset investment opportunities, offering hundreds of digital asset trades. The core team is coming from Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Google, Tencent, UBS, AIA and other renowned companies in the world. With the world’s top technology and rich operational experience, it provides a secure, stable and reliable digital asset trading platform for millions of users around the world. With high-quality products and services, we are committed to building a world-class blockchain crypto exchange.

Ⅱ. platform advantages
With the global top-level team as the technical support of the platform, it has great advantages in technical security and operation system. Meanwhile, the platform trading system adopts the structure design of the service level of large financial institutions and integrates advanced memory matching algorithms which greatly improves the order processing speed, and guarantees the high efficiency of user trading.

The decentralized trading platform supports cross-chain trading and on-chain clearing, with low trading fees, KYC authentication, multi-signature wallet which separates cool wallet and hot wallet, and strong risk control system providing safe and real-time protection for global users. Not only that, but the platform also supports 24/7 “user first” full-scope online services.

The platform is now available for web, Android, IOS that has supported four languages including Chinese, English, Korean, and Vietnamese. Later, it will gradually support other countries and regions such as Japan and Russia to solve the language barriers while building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform and serving users around the world.

Ⅲ. The main functions of the platform
At present, the main functions of the platform include spot trading and token listing.
1. Spot Trading
The platform currently only supports spot trading patterns that support mainstream coins (like BTC, ETH). BitOffer also supports new, popular projects with good quality to list on BitOffer for free. The initial stage of BitOffer only supports the spot trading mode, and the subsequent margin trading will make your investment more diversified!

2. Token Listing
To protect the interests of investors, Bitoffer will strictly evaluate the project. All the listing projects should meet the following conditions:
1. Strong team with community maintenance
2. Projects should have practical technical support or practical application
3. The project has no risks of policy violations, and be professional and meet compliance requirements
4. Be capable of displaying project information truly and duly.

Ⅳ. Platform features
The platform is committed to the mission of “Endowing Users with the Ability to Trade A Variety of Digital Assets on A Secure, Efficient Platform
“. BitOffer provides features including price alert, ROI ranking, the function of following the investment, BTC calculation chart and daily news push, and other professional services.

1. Price Alert
Price Alert is one of the initiative functions, users can’t be always staring at the disk while daily trading. Our intelligent robots will full-scope real-time monitor the token price. When prices hit the users’ setting, the alert system will warn users immediately. The frequency of this function can be set to warn for 1, 3, 5 times, and repeatedly reminding to help users control the risks without missing every opportunity, it is the Gospel of the masses of users.
2.ROI Ranking
The ROI ranking is set by all investors’ income real-time ranking of which data updates every hour. In the future, the function of following the investment will be added based on this function, so that users can accurately track the investment strategy and portfolio of high-return players, and try to avoid the loss caused by lack of experience in trading.

3. Volume leader
Trading volume ranking is the exclusive feature of BitOffer. With this function, users can easily check which coin is popular and with high liquidity due to the trading volume ranking.

V. Our Mission
BitOffer will take the development of STO as an opportunity to technically solve the pain point of digital assets, and establish a transparent and efficient blockchain financial ecology. We will complete the on-chain clearing mechanism to achieve a fair, transparent, highly liquid trading environment and build a blockchain asset custody system based on intelligent contracts which means users can participate in the transaction and asset custody by their wallet. By focusing more on users’ experience, BitOffer will create a better digital asset trading environment for users, and strive to contribute to the global blockchain asset trading services.



This is a blog dedicated to inform BitOffer English speaker users about the latest news and updates of our project. BitOffer is an STO exchange which allows millions of dollars in securities to migrate to the blockchain.

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