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ETH 2.0 Lifts up the BULL, BitOffer ETH ETF Surged by 10 Times

Recently, Ethereum officially announced that the Beacon Chain will be added on December 1st. Ethereum 2.0 is expected to make something different to the Cryptocurrency industry, and lift up smart contracts to a layout. Those expectations all push the Cryptocurrency market to be on a bull run. According to the trading data on BitOffer, since 2020, Ethereum ETF on has surged by more than 10 times. Obviously, investors hold a positive view on Ethereum 2.0 and already made a wish that the ETH price would be able to reach $1,000 again. As the automatic positions adjustment mechanism added in BitOffer ETH ETF, the increase in the future shall be huge, which can bring investors considerable profits.

Ethereum 2.0 is a crucial upgrade of Ethereum, it aims to upgrade the consensus mechanism, and use the shard chains to solve the problem of cross-chain and the current scalability. In this way, the trading fees and congestion will be reduced to improve the performance of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

So how does the upgrade of Ethereum boost confidence in the market? The 2.0 upgrade, promises higher transaction throughput and a new security model under proof-of-stake (PoS). Eth 2.0 has been in development since 2015 but had failed to gain traction due to the highly technical expertise required to pursue it, until now. First of all, upgrading itself means improvement of technology and optimization of the original system, which is such a benefit in concept; secondly, the ETH2.0 version is the replacement of the original one, and with the POS mechanism introduced, it will gradually replace The old POW which indicates that there will be a large number of ETH holders who will pledge their holdings to obtain the identity of the verifier in order to obtain the opportunities of block rewards. Then the ETH in circulation will reduce and may cause a sharp rise in demand, which will lead to deflation, and the price of the currency will naturally be bullish. In the end, ETH will usher in two block forks. On the occasion, the amount of distribution will be reduced by ten times following with a reduction of supply, and eventually, bring the increase of the upgrade release demand. Those two combinations will lead to the arrival of a super bull market for ETH.

The capital attack routing is gradually pellucid with the coming Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. Since the sudden plunge under the influence of the 3.12 epidemic, the bottom has been quickly built and pave the way for the future rise. The minimum rebound of ETH from the $89 contraction to the current $460 mark showing the strong bids among the market. What’s more, a sudden callback showed up when the price has more than doubled while there is no phenomenon of strong volume, indicating that most people are still held with unwavering and steadily.

According to official BitOffer statistics, under the stimulated by variable bull market conditions, ETH has climbed as high as 516% in the past three months since the Ethereum ETF has risen about 200% over the same period. In the past three months, the 24-hour trading volume of ETH has achieved around 7 billion US dollars and daily turnover of ETF reached $1billion. It shows the year-over-year growth compared with the same period last year with a daily upward trend. Being the world’s largest trading platform, BitOffer owns more than 80% of the Ethereum ETF share accounted for within the market. Therefore, in the upsurge of Ethereum ETF fund transactions gradually catching up with the ETH itself, why is BitOffer’s Ethereum ETF sought-after in the market?

The advantages including :

1. Support buying long and short, no deposit, and no fees with open-end funds purchase function!

2. Automatic position adjustment mechanism with at least 3X as high 15X profit!

3. Simplicity of trading, purchase, and redemption both with USDT!

4. No limitation of the trading period, no liquidation mechanism, and can trading anytime with anywhere!

Let’s calculate with $200 of ETH

1. 2.0 super version upgrade, price X2 theoretically

2. Amount of distribution reduced by 10 times, price X2 theoretically

3. ETH price will be: $200*4=$800 (expected price after upgrade

The comparison of profits between holding the currency and the ETF:

1. ETH earns 4X return

2. Purchasing the Ethereum ETF, the return will be started at 12X and as high as 30X (Automatic position adjustment plus funds compounding)

There’s no doubt that purchasing the Ethereum ETF will be a better choice when comparing the profits gain. It’s worth noting that BitOffer will bring out the most amazing ETH options and be prepared for the coming super bull-market.



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