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Follow the Trending “Compliance”, BitOffer Became the Safest Bitcoin Exchange

“Regulatory Compliance” has become the trending and the necessity of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Until now, the cryptocurrency industry has been through a lot. Thus, Regulatory Compliance is considered as the basic requirement for exchanges in the future.

For the past 2 years, changes in the trading products and patterns have happened in the cryptocurrency field. Decentralized exchanges became the trend in 2020. In the past, the liquidity of DEX is always a disadvantage which kept being criticized. After AMM was introduced, DEX such as Uniswap grabbed a lot of traders from the market. Even though, DEX and CEX all face the same problem- Security & Compliance.

After dramas showed up on Binance, BitMEX, and OKEx, compliance means a lot to investors. To exchanges, regulatory compliance is a thing that is able to make sure it can survive from gov issues. Then, what kind of exchanges can be judged as compliant exchanges? And what are the differences?

The Most Significant Feature of Compliant Exchanges: Licensed

Being licensed is a compliant exchange must be.

Recently, to push the digital asset to be legal so that the cryptocurrency industry can grow healthily. For the purpose to protect investors’ assets, countries worldwide started licensing exchanges and regulating them. Qualified exchanges only need to apply then they will be legit in specific areas.

When BitOffer started operating, it has been licensed Type 1 by Hong Kong SFC. As the most renowned Bitcoin Options exchanges, its daily trading volume surpassed 100,000,000 USD which is created by more than 100,000 daily active users. In the future, BitOffer will provide One-stop STO service, which will support on-chain liquidation and cross-chain trading. Also, users will be able to participate in trading and assets custody via their own wallets. It is a way to embrace the new financing way, and also the trend of the cryptocurrency in the next few years. Since STO will connect digital assets with trillion real assets, it brings up a potential market with values that are uncountable. Thus, being compliant is the historic step made by BitOffer.

Differences Between BitOffer and Illicit Exchanges:

1. NO OTC Service:

To avoid any violation to any national policy, BitOffer never provides OTC service to investors. It makes BitOffer take advanced in the overseas market. As it provides service with being licensed and obeys the regulation from all the national policy, BitOffer achieves the real “Regulatory Compliance”.

2. NO Scam Coins:

Unlike most exchanges, BitOffer only lists major tokens, and provide derivatives using major tokens as the underlying. It prevents investors from being predated from scam projects so that investors’ assets can be secured. It does benefit to theBitOffer growth.

3. NO Exchange-based Tokens:

Recently, more and more governments officially announced express term that individuals and institutions are not allowed to raise funds illegally. BitOffer follows the term as always. Without issuing exchange-based tokens, raising funds illegally will never be the guilty that points to BitOffer.

Overall, BitOffer is one of the safest Cryptocurrency exchanges. However, security is only a single side to provide perfect service to investors. With the concept of “Endowing users with the ability to trade a variety of digital asset on a secure, efficient platform”, BitOffer not only secure investors’ assets but also helps investors grow asset value gradually. For example, BitOffer Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund launched by BitOffer and Goldman Sachs Asia Team is the first cryptocurrency guaranteed fund that can give a 20% fixed annualized yield.

In addition, Perpetual Swap without charging funding fees leaves more profit space for users. Moreover, more wealth management products with high payoff but low-risk will be provided by BitOffer. On the occasion, BitOffer will catch the trend to become the grandest Bitcoin trading platform to lead the market.



This is a blog dedicated to inform BitOffer English speaker users about the latest news and updates of our project. BitOffer is an STO exchange which allows millions of dollars in securities to migrate to the blockchain.

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