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Olive Branch Listing Invitation from BitOffer, A Cryptocurrency Derivatives Platform

BitOffer, one of the most professional cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, bases its headquarters in Singapore and sets up operation branches in HongKong and other places in order to push the process of indigenized operation. As an international financial service provider with the concept of “Endowing users with the ability to trade a variety of digital asset on a secure, efficient platform”, BitOffer is committed to build a world-class cryptocurrency trading platform with high-quality products and services that is able to offer millions of blockchain enthusiasts security, efficient and diversified cryptocurrency derivatives.

With the team consists of elites come from Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Google, Tencent, UBS, AIA, etc., BitOffer specializes in R&D and operation.

To facilitate the development of global blockchain digital assets, BitOffer sincerely recruits superior projects. In addition, BitOffer will provide a public, fair and transparent operation so that the investors can own the capability of trading in a benign environment. In the future, BitOffer will also build a business connection with renowned institutions to provide comprehensive digital asset investments and services.

Diversified Services to Projects

BitOffer is advanced in technical security and operating system due to its leading talent of R&D. With the trading system adopts the top-level institution level of structuring which integrates developed matching algorithm, the rapid processing speed guarantees the efficiency when investors are trading on BitOffer.

To secure the asset of investors, BitOffer not only requires KYC authentication but also uses multiple wallets separated into Cold Wallet and Hot Wallet. BitOffer is also developing its financial chain to provide projects customized financial programs with advanced smart contract.

Soon, BitOffer will also support the services of cross-chain trading and on-chain liquidation to share the worldwide liquidity. The powerful risk-control system and the multilingual services enable BitOffer to protect the investors’ security and clear dyslexia for investors all over the world.

Multifarious Financial Services Licences

BitOffer has been authorized the type 1 licence by Hong Kong SFC which allows BitOffer to provide securities services. Now BitOffer is also applying for the type 7 licence that can enable BitOffer to offer automatic trading services.

Besides, BitOffer also has been licensed as an STO exchange that is approved to offer regulated services of applying, issuing tokens, tokens custody and bringing liquidity. With the services above, BitOffer will be able to provide the support of wallet, or issuing tokens on BitOffer financial chain of which smart contract can schedule a periodically burn, tokens management. In this case, it can guarantee the projects to be operated by the project in a regulated way.

One-stop Financial Services

Since BitOffer started its business, it has provided several innovative financial products and features as follows:

1. Bitcoin Options: The first intraday Bitcoin Options in the Cryptocurrency industry which requires 0 margins, 0 fees and non-exercise.

2. ETF: The most innovative cryptocurrency ETF so far of which ROI is 300% to 1500%.

3. Spot trading: Charging the lowest fee, 0.05%.

4. In the near future, BitOffer will also launch the most innovative perpetual swap, and other trading products and services.

BitOffer, a professional team with strong capital, and the most creative operation pattern and products, provides investors with one-stop financial services that always put user experience and platform value at the first stage.

Real-time Global Media Promotion

BitOffer and hundreds of worldwide blockchain media have announced a strategic cooperation. Moreover, with the cooperation with numerous renowned KOLs on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. countless globally social network promotions are also available at the same time.

Missions of BitOffer

BitOffer devotes itself to build the most professional financial derivatives trading platform for worldwide investors based on the development of STO. Technically, we solve the pain points of the digital asset in order to build a transparent and efficient blockchain ecosystem. In addition, for the purpose of providing a fair and transparent trading environment with high liquidity, BitOffer builds an on-chain custody system based on the smart contract by connecting the worldwide liquidity and setting up a completed on-chain liquidation mechanism so that investors can participate in trading and custody on their wallet. BitOffer will always take “Endowing users with the ability to trade a variety of digital assets on a secure, efficient platform” as the concept.

BitOffer now sincerely offers an olive branch to high-quality projects.

For projects who are willing to know more about us and list on, you can find us on:






This is a blog dedicated to inform BitOffer English speaker users about the latest news and updates of our project. BitOffer is an STO exchange which allows millions of dollars in securities to migrate to the blockchain.

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