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What’s the BITCOIN ETF? Why more and more people choose the ETF?

ETF, short for Exchange Traded Funds, which means transactional open type index fund. As the name implies, index fund varies on the basis of the benchmark index, while open type indicates that it can be purchased or withdrawn from fund management, and transactional means it can be traded on the secondary markets. Overall, ETF is the new financial product that combines the merit of the close-ended funds and the open-ended fund as well as to track the index performance.

So why there’s a growing number of users of bitcoin contracts that are more likely to choose ETF funds in the cryptocurrency industry? The reason is simple: due to the corresponding rise of bitcoin price and the money of investors is limited, when the bitcoin contract open to the public, users can add 10 times or even 20 times leveraged to make the bitcoin investment and it is embraced by the intelligent investors who want to magnify the gains. However, the shortcomings are gradually revealed among bitcoin contracts during the actual invest process such as a certain amount of margin is required, the risk of liquidation and loss capital is always present. Even more, the contract also has the expiration date which will be forced liquidation when the day comes, many investor fall into the darkness before the dawn.

So, precisely because of those drawbacks, Bitoffer exchange takes the lead in launching the bitcoin ETF. The funds can be purchased on the Bitoffer website or on the secondary market as well. Users can withdraw the ETF convenient and efficient at any time after purchasing. More important, ETF has no risk of liquidation: you will never lose your whole initial money no matter how much your fund drop. Besides, the earnings of ETF is infinitely and can magnify the benefits, which is the same as the contracts.

How to purchase the ETF? Login on the Bitoffer website, choose the “ETF ” on the navigation bar. “BTC3X” means three times long the bitcoin, “BTC3R” means three times short the bitcoin. “ETH3X” means three times long the Ethereum and “ETH3R” is three times short the ETH. Users can directly purchase and withdraw on the Bitoffer website, which is very simple and convenient.

In the opinion of Bitoffer analyst Lucian, bitcoin contract is about to step off the stage of cryptocurrency industry history and will be replaced by the bitcoin ETF with much more friendly and higher return. There’s a saying that “ The bulls won’t come if contracts undead” in the cryptocurrency which reflects the contract is the tool of market-makers to reap from investors. Hence, choose ETF instead of bitcoin contracts is a safe way to gain more returns of broad investment.



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