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A small Step For BitAstir…
A giant leap into the metaverse for Athletes worldwide ✊

As the first trimester of 2022 comes to an end, and we all anxiously anticipate the colorful budding of spring flowers to whisk us away into the summer sun; BitAstir does something great…

BitAstir, invites the world to celebrate all Athletes, Everywhere!

We thank them for their superhuman perseverance & unbound inspiration.
We Invite them to OWN THEIR SPORT!

Thus, on behalf of all the Astir MasterSport Communities hardworking designers, developers, & supporters; today BitAstir reveals a secret Product it has been putting together the last month.

Something to truly unite the Astir Community & give them their own place to congregate in the metaverse — something to tighten the communicative gap between Athletes & a new sport world order! In parallel to the upcoming launch of the long anticipated “BitAthlete Alpha Onboarding” BitAstir has decided to provide their Astir MasterSport Community with its own Social Sport Chambers we call HQ.

📅 Official Launch ::: 04/30/2022 📅

Community First.

→ → → → Link Here! ← ← ← ←

Invitation Only.

📅 Official Launch ::: 04/30/2022 📅

Why Become a member of the Astir Community H.Q.?

Access to a premium élite network of Athletes; the memberships are limited, selective & exclusive to individuals with deep personal interest in the Sport Industry.
→ Receive updates & alpha signals that doesn't make it to social
→ Test out MetaVerse Applications ahead of public reveals
→ Unlock novel mechanisms to optimize SPORTFI yield
→ Learn How Athletes are Transforming Themselves into Assets
→ Immediate & Automatic enrollment in community Raffles
→ Get Personal Support
→ Become a crown member of the Community
→ Expand Your Personal Brand

Who Is in the Astir Community H.Q.?

The H.Q. is a hyper-focused group of Athletically inclined individuals from within & beyond the Sport Industry! Writers. Doctors. Athletes. Beginners & professional alike, from many walks of life. All congregating together to shape the decentralized digital metaverse future of Sports.

How do I Get in?

The H.Q. is segmented according to a user’s relationship to the platform. The portal is open to members & on-members alike; however, in order to unlock the private & hidden rooms a user MUST BE INVITED!

How do I Get an Invitation?

-) Stake >1,111 $BITA tokens for min 72 hours
-) Possess any NFT with BitAthlete Relation
-) Whitelisted Public Invitee
-) Be a participant in any of the pre-public Beta Test Groups

What is the Capacity & Gameplan for the H.Q.?

At it’s current form, the H.Q. serves as a interim bulletin & form to aggregate & organize active members while BitAstir strides towards the expansion of its Athlete network. With no plans to cap the network’s capacity — it is important the it is seeded with high quality actors in order to retain maximal decentralization & neutrality. Thus; this expansion has been broken down into “epochs” which are further segmented into more digestible phases.
A Roadmap will be provided to the community at a later date with deeper details on the definitions & outlines of epochs & phases; but as a general rule of thumb, the major understanding is 1 EPOCH = 3 PHASES

Phase 0 - 100 Athletes [Current]
Phase 0.5 - 333 Athletes
Phase 1 - 1,000 Athletes

Ultimately, the H.Q. belongs to Astir Community & will be handed over to them via trustworthy nominee’s (who are also the platforms most active & involved users / BitAthletes). This version of it will serve as the testing grounds for distributed organization & development of community culture. As it stands; (if need be) the site can be scaled to over 100,000 members. However, bitAstir has planned for the unplanned & has already begun explorations of technological extension of the H.Q. to include Web3 utility such as the DAO.

Be sure to stop by the site & follow us on social media to stay tuned in for more exciting breakthroughs from the world of decentralized Sports.

🌐 → Website:🌐

🅰 → $BITA Alpha Bounty: Bita.AlphaList.Bounty.Flowpage
🔗 → $BITA Resources: BitaLinks.Flowpage

🔹 → Twitter: (@ BitAstir)
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Discord: BitAstir Discord Server
📤 → Telegram:
🦧 → Reddit: (r/BitaStir)
🎥 → Youtube: Official Youtube channel BitAstir’s BitaSport.



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