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Public Litepaper v0.1

BitAstir has successfully deployed its first official NFT collection to the Solana blockchain as part of its global pivot to a more social entity.

NFT’s have come to defined as the most prudent asset for the circumvention of legacy financial systems & regulatory oversight.

What are the Astir MasterSport Rings?

The Astir MasterSport Rings are an NFT collection deployed to the Solana blockchain by the worlds leading Decentralized Sport Organization, BitAstir. The rings have been carefully crafted to capture the defining attribute of resilience & portray the magnitude of success that accompany the champions of athletics throughout human history; The Ability to overcome in spite of any difficulty.

At the highest level, the Purpose of the Astir MasterSport Rings is to improve the lifecycle & quality of an Athlete; to transform the passive consumers of sport & the active participants in it; namely connect athletes & fans on a much deeper level.

Delivering on this mission demands a tremendous leap in consumer behavior; after all, the ecosystem of an Athlete stretches far beyond the field of play & into the bleachers where their audience watches them.

To help bridge the gap in the behavioral demands, the most powerful tool in human kinds arsenal (thus far), has been an incentive mechanism. As it relates to sports, incentives have a broad scope of alignment, ranging from the financial to the reputational.

The Astir MasterSport Rings

Initially, all (6) of the rings will be infused with four universal applications which entitle its owner(s) to the following:

1) - Exclusive Discord Access (LockerRoom)
2) - Staking ($SOL & $BITA Yield)
3) - Entitlement to 10% collection Revenue Share (Distributed Monthly)
*4) - Ability to “INSTA-SWAP” for $BITA tokens

Lets break these down a little more:

1) - Exclusive Discord Access (LockerRoom)
Planned to Unlock 30 days after the completion of the mint, the discord server will be the Head Quarters for all {DE}sport athletes. Once a member is cordially accepted to the Discord server they will unlock a slew of premium alpha that will uniquely relate to the user (based on their selections & rings). Some users will be entitled to NFT AirDrops where as other will be able to claim IRL clothing & gear.

2) - Staking ($SOL & $BITA Yield)
Staking will be implemented within the first 30 days of active trading. Currently planned to deploy on ( ) each ring will yield a $BITA token return based on the #of tokens staked.

3) - Entitlement to 10% collection Revenue Share (Distributed Monthly)
** MUST BE STAKING NFT’s ** As in the case with the previously mentioned yield in the form of $BITA tokens that are earned for staking, BitAstir has employed a DUAL reward mechanism; whereby every 30-day epoch will result in a distribution of 10% of the collections trading fees equally amongst the stakers. (The more a user stakes, the more the user will proportionately receive).

4) - Ability to “INSTA-SWAP” for $BITA tokens
** MUST BE STAKING NFT’s ** Currently an untested software, BitAstir is developing a novel new “claim” protocol that will allow Users that stake a minimum of 3 MasterSport Rings for a duration of AT LEAST >30 days will be given an option to “insta-liquidate” their NFT’s for $BITA tokens. There is no concrete delivery date for this as it will depend on the developer skills & final security before shipping (as of writing BitAstir estimates sometime Q4 2022)

What are the Collection Specifications?

Revenue Share Wallet: 8KwyRaEMFTNFyQ8rTa7S1j5s6es2YthQ5PSyw2nfq2Q7

Mint Date: 08/03/2022
Mint Price: 0.01 (sol)

Collection Size: 1,115 NFT’s
Collection Variants: 6
Royalty : 3.33%
Rarities: 3

💎 Diamond Caliber 💎

Defining Elements: -(6)- diamond studs, diamond rails, Hollow Fitting, 1x material coating, no engraves, rim bum
Champ, Astir, Elite

💫 V.I.P. Caliber: 💫

Defining Elements: -(5)- Ruby studs, diamond rails, dense fitting, 2x material coating, Wording engraves, smooth rim
Gun Black & Gold Plaid

🏆M.V.P. Caliber: 🏆

Defining Elements: -(6)- Ruby studs, diamond rails, Crown fitting, 2x material coating, no engraves, rim bump
Royal Crown

Please be advised that at a later date, each ring will be given its own ranking order & will provide it’s owner a varied range of benefits. The Benefit range will be deduced based on a formula composed of the following elements: (Rarity, Bid Consistency, Slippage, Listing Frequency, & the so on).

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