Benchmarking Sports to the World Economy

To understand the Astir Index it is best to make sure that everybody has the same definition of what an Index is, what is is used for & what it looks like.

At the highest level an Index is an indicator of a market’s wellbeing; to be more specific & stay within the context of cryptocurrency, an INDEX is a benchmark measurement used to indicate the “state” of some specific asset class-category.

Index’s are used to aggregate & track macro trends of arbitrarily broad categories. The purpose of an Index is to inherit the desired behavioral archetype of its unpinning asset(s) psychological-profile

As an example,
the DOW JONES Composite INDEX, is a weighted basket of the top 100 American companies. The INDEX is used as a gauged for the American markets well-being. If the country does well, so does the Index; all the like, if the INDEX is capitulating this likely means a country is suffering economically.

An INDEX can be designed & curated to more specific to subject matters or risk profiles.

For instance,
If we wanted to track the change in birth-rate around the world over time there needs to be some universal benchmark against which we can measure this change. Hello Birth Index.

Ultimately an INDEX is just a macro gauge / market indicator.

BitAstir proposes the use of its ACMn (Athletic Capital Market network) & crypto-native SPORTFI ecosystem as a credibly neutral indicator of the Sport Industries well being.

- BitAstir’s network is composed of athletes, arguably the most important users of any sport; their direct involvement (& the brilliance in the pPOP consensus module) will overwhelmingly incentivize them to act honestly. As a distributed system the data will settle at the global
- If the network is doing well, that means demand for digital Sport & Athletics is high — which means health market.
- If the network is not doing well, that means athletes are not in demand & therefore not “valuable” at the moment — meaning an unhealthy market.
- A Network composed of, owned by & dependent on athletes should be the

When does the AstirINDEX Launch?

At this time (5/19/2022) there is no concrete date set for the expected arrival of the Astir INDEX; however, at the time of this writing the INDEX has been earmarked for a closed alpha launch late Q4 2022

What Data Points will the INDEX Track?

There total number of data points that are attributed to the Astir INDEX is expected to finalize in the range of 100–1,110 unique data points. Once again, this is expectations with the current data sets & evolving psychological market climate; more detailed documentation will be published for peer review & public scrutiny at a later point in time.

What protocol / model will the INDEX operate by?

BitAstir has been tested with a wide range of models & thus far anticipates to implement a fully on-chain governed INDEX based on standardized industry tokenization practices (e.g. MELON protocol) with bi-weekly rebalancing & an elastic supply policy*. (*the supply elasticity is determined by the DAO)

This document was published as means to help promulgate information during BtiAstir’s transitory phase; thus technical verbiage & excessively technical elements have been minimized for comprehension. It is by no means exhaustive & should you require more information; A more in Depth Technical Document, covering the Economic Logistics involved & the arbitration of legacy institutions via the arbitration of focus, will be published at a later date & made available through a Link → Here ←.

Please refer to the most recent version of the → Official WhitePaper ← for an exploration of the evolving market dynamics, greater system application or other information.

Be sure to stop by the site (as we prepare more presents) & follow us on social media to stay tuned in for more exciting breakthroughs from DSports.

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Decentralized Sports Organization turning Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆. Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ ℹ #SportFI & ACMn Index 📈

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Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆 #SportFI