$BITA on Solana ( $SOL )

The $BITA token Arrives on Solana!

Bitastir’s native token ($BITA) will be deployed to the SOLANA network on 08/22/2022

The purpose of this communication is to announce the $BITA token’s migrations & expansion through the Solana Network & succinctly present a Birds Eye View for the general reader.

A more thorough, technical document in the form of a {Tokenomics V2} will be published on or before 09/01/2022 & be made available through a complimentary link here → {Tokenomics V2} ← .

Current State

There are a total of ~111 Billion (111,111,111,111) $BITA token currently live on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 [ →Etherscan Link← ]

BitAstir will be Burning ~10% or ~11,111,111,111 of the $BITA tokens as a measure to combat unitary devaluation in face of the recent economic turmoil, levee the associated operational gas costs of existing “stuck” or dusted $BITA {which in turn help mitigate future dust accumulations}, ultimately clean up the accountancy.

→ Utilizing $BITA for any SPORTFI related operations on Ethereum are wildly varied in their cost & unjust on the users behalf.

SOL — Specifications about the $BITA token on SOLANA

A total of 10 Billion (10,000,000,000) $BITA tokens will be ported over to the Solana network; this will represent 10% of the total supply cap of the Token.
→ The SPL standard token address is {→ SolScan Link ←}

What is the Emission plan?

→ 2 Billion $BITA will be utilized for a CROSSCHAIN BRIDGES
→ 2 Billion $BITA
will be utilized for TRADE POOLS
→ 2 Billion $BITA
will be allocated for ETH migration (locked for 365 days)
→ 4 Billion $BITA will be allocated for NFT Staking (locked for 730 days)

How to Acquire the $BITA token

1) Existing token holders, that Whitelist & are Interested in trialing our Solana, will be given an opportunity to port their tokens from Ethereum to Sol MIGRATION (opening October 1, 2022)

2) $BITA can be extracted through any specified NFT staking modules. Emission rates will vary based on the types of NFT, the amount of NFT’s staked, external demand for $BITA, circulating supply parameters & remaining emission levels, among other things.

3) The $BITA token will be made available for trade on RAYDIUM & other DEX’s on the Solana Network. $BITA will be working to open a broad range of token Pools, with the initial pool being $BITA/$SOL.

What are the Use Cases?

**Please be advised that the use cases below are all in active development & cannot be shipped simultaneously; instead, BitAstir will work 2 use cases at any given time with effort distributions of 90/10 or 80/20;
$BITA Tokens can be used to MINT upcoming NFT’s
→ $BITA token can be used to Participate in SportBook Predictions
→ $BITA token can be used to participate in Raffles
→ $BITA tokens can be converted to SOL
→ $BITA tokens can be collateralized for Loans
→ $BITA tokens can be Lent out & Borrowed

🌐→ Website: 🌐

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