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BitAstir Announces Partnership With Hanetball360

BitAstir, the DSO (decentralized sports organization) on a mission to turn-athletes-into-assets, is thrilled to announce its first partnership. November 1, 2021, “the revolutionary new sport of the 21st century”, Hanetball360 has become the first official athletic partner of BitAstir.

BitAstir, as a DSO, has certain roles that it must fulfill on its behalf. Immediately after closing the partnership, Hanetball360 was usurped into the WEB3 age. Tailor-made awards, fraud-proof tickets, incentive based audience-engagement campaigns, & everything good that blockchain brings will ultimately be used to improve the sport; 111x target inbound. BitAstir will partake in the curation, distribution & expansion of promotional materials for HanetBall360 sporting events; events that BitAstir will be sponsoring (be on the lookout!). As for the heart of the sport, the players, BitAstir, will take a select group of the top performing Hanetball360 athletes for the alpha-incubation bitAthlete trials. From education, to financing, to reputation management, all professional participating athletes will be provided with a complete infrastructure to take hold of, monetize, & maximize the results of their efforts.

Regarded as the most exciting, low impact team ball sport, Hanetball360 is a game that was designed for player/athlete dynamism. Regardless of body mass, height, or stature, a person is able to, feel, become a part of the game. Outside of the fact that playing Hanetball360 builds cardiovascular health and helps manage cognitive functions; the sport utilizes high-intensity interval training (HIT) in play, to boost a body’s metabolism which then burns calories even during rest and even days after playing the game.

Through this partnership, BitAstir & Hanetball360, hope to symbolize the limitless possibilities of empowering developing talents through simple & sophisticated applications of blockchain technology.

Be a bit Astir
Awaken the Athlete,
become the asset.

As always we thank those that believed in us, you will be forever engraved throughout the halls of history as the crazy, wild, group that proved how a simple question, can lead to an entire revolution.


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