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Avatars to Rule over the Digital World of Metaverse-Sport

Term #4 in the MetaSports Dictionary → here

Acting as the vehicles that derive, capture & ascribe value to theoretically any arbitrary/abstract object, service, or form of value — NFTs have become a quintessential building block of any sustainable project for the coming digital economy. They are the logical components to metaverse gaming economics; [de]identity, and much much more.

NFT’s have redefined value accrual & generation through the coordination of capital around a universally desirable outcome based on localized social consensus.

Realizing this & Sparing no resource, BitAstir plunged into the development of the most complete & robust Digital Economic ecosystem for the sport industry; specifically through the re-establishment of Sport via decentralized Ownership with Athletes as the convex.

Athletes are modern day superheroes.
They lead & inspire younger generations.
They ignite the spark of passion in their audience.
Without Athletes; there is no sport.
And with no sport…
there is no fit athletic tomorrow…

Its time that Athletes got treated the right way.

-{ Bit-Athlete }-

Athletes with exoskeletons forged of enforced cryptographic polyarmour.
Athletes with a muscular system composed of cyber-fiber.
Athletes with atomic reaction times.
Omni-present beings carved by brutal enduring’s of mans physical limitations
& molded according to mans perfect Physiognomy.

BitAthletes are the avatars to represent the sport of mankind in the metaverse.

What is a BitAthlete?

A BitAthlete is an ACTIVE User of the BitAstir platform.

A BitAthlete is a digital avatar (NFT) that posses monetary properties (Crypto) of technologically-amplified financial system (DEFI) with an added (Social) public proof-of-performance parameter. These are the entities taking on the responsibility of securing the network, driving it’s adoption, boosting social credibility, capitalizing talent, & building novel solutions for economically benefiting from acting in their own best interests. Each BitAthlete proves commitments to their processes by undergoing an “Infusion” process & successfully conducting IAO’s in order to become tradeable ACMn assets.

Who & How does somebody Become a BitAthlete?

The BitAstir protocol has been designed to be an open, borderless, neutral protocol that exists on the Ethereum Blockchain; thus removing the human bias in member selection & allowing for any motivated actor on the planet to becoming a BitAthlete. All that will be required of a user will be that they satisfy the “Metaverse Sport social-standards” criteria set forth by the Astir Foundation & DAO.

  • Staking at least 1,111 $BITA tokens as per “- BitAthlete Staking -”
  • Staking at least 1,111 $BITA tokens for at least 14 days
  • Filled & Filed the “- BitAthlete Registration Form -”
  • Successfully Completed an “- I.A.O. -”
  • Committed a soft-stake for infusion of 10,000 $BITA tokens

Why Become a BitAthlete?

The Short answer: at BitAstir Athletes transform themselves from a character in somebody else’s story / market; into the authors of their own stories/markets
Social Accreditation
Career Management

The slightly longer answer: We have taken the most painful part of any athletes career out of the equation, No more contracts* with middlemen. BitAstir, as a decentralized sports organization composed of individuals with acute industry knowledge, acts as a non-owning underwriter for the BitAthletes that process through the platform. It issues them directly on the blockchain as NFT’s & provides venues for trading these assets on secure open market establishment directly on said underwritten “athletic-asset”.

Of course, the DSO will provide a full suite of specialized networking capabilities & marketing exposure (direct & non-direct) so that Athletes can solely spend their time as they find it is needed best to propel their careers.

Did we mention the opportunities for international PR we provide?

It probably wouldn’t matter so much to them as it would when they find out that by becoming a BitAthlete; they are basically getting lifetime insurance on their careers?

… lets slow down & save the juicy details for another time 😇

For now,
onto the more…
intimate questions 😜

How do BitAthletes make Money?

There is no shortage of creative methods to monetize the career of a BitAthlete; BitAstir does not force exclusive arrangements that might otherwise exclude the athletes best interests, rather BitAstir looks to secure their current lives (assuming they so choose themselves) & amplify each Athletes earning potential through the hyper-inclusion of a stack of alternative financial vehicles & structures. Below we will provide a non-exhaustive list of a few methods:

  • Advertiser Promo
    Basic model of sponsorships for the metaverse.
  • Capital Raise via IAO
    Bringing to surface a new model of socialized capital markets
  • NFT trading Fees
    Once an asset on the socialized capital markets athletes will earn (a percentage of all trading fees) in perpetuity of their assets trading velocity. {Strong assumption here that as an athlete exits their profession their token velocity will follow suit}
    *** Outside of the fees that will be generated through market speculation, BitAstir intends to derive an earning model for the NFT’s as they are leveraged for Fantasy Sport & other gaming modules.
  • Staking Yield
    Earned assets generated via the trading fee velocity is placed into a “metasport401k” plan for compounding & is released through a time-sensitive delayed portioning. {Delayed portioning is implemented in order to serve as an additional hedge reserve & incentive for future performance from the bitathlete’s side — In the event an athlete is to immorally endanger their fan network’s assets, the accrued assets will act as a back stop liquidity circuit.}
  • Tips from Fans
    Already popularized for >10 years, tipping will now happen directly in the native athletes own asset through a novel burning mechanism.
  • Winning Community Competitions
    Community run nominations as a means to motivate their preferred athletes & bolster performance. This can include more common place competitions such as the MVP’s of the Month to crowd favorite & underdogs, as well as, more novel competitions that will be created by the community {ex. greatest divergence in historic performance vs asset performance}
  • Streaming Games
    Another model that is already actively utilized across the web is live streaming; currently, these streaming royalties & incomes as heavily taxed by the presence of greedy middlemen; BitAstir will arbitrate out that middleman tax & maximize the revenue stream directly to the athletes.
  • ETC….🚀
    More models will come to surface as the project develops & the platform’s capabilities grow.

Whats the tech behind BitAthletes?

At the time of this writing the BitAstir Platform is refining its beta algorithms & models for the implementation of the technology. We will be using a combination of available opensource protocols on the Ethereum blockchain including but not limited to:
— Charged Particles
— NFT20
— Fractionalize

For a deeper dive on all the technology being used & how please reach out to our team directly via email of DM & interact with us through any of our active social media platforms (Twitter/Medium/Reddit/Instagram). Otherwise please allow for the publishing of our technical documentation at a later date (post public BitAthlete protocol release).

The Alpha Onboarding of Athletes for testing the BitAthlete protocol & establishment of a public formalized process will begin on

April 30, 2022.

The Portal for registration will be made available on our official website(s) / as well as provided as a link for ease of access

→ Here ←

This document was published as means to help promulgate information during BtiAstir’s transitory phase; thus technical verbiage & excessively technical elements have been minimized for comprehension. It is by no means exhaustive & should you require more information; A more in Depth Technical Document, covering the Economic Logistics of an open, publicly traded social performance market & its impact when accounting for the arbitration of legacy institutions, will be published at a later date & made available through a Link → Here ←.

For any other information that may be requested, Please refer to the most recent version of the → Official WhitePaper ← There we will explore of the evolving market dynamics, greater system application to human potential & so on.

Be sure to stop by the site & follow us on social media to stay tuned in for more exciting breakthroughs from the world of decentralized Sports.

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