DSO - Decentralized Sports Organization

Coordinating Athletic Ability without Central Control

Term #1 in the MetaSports Dictionaryhere

-{ D.S.O. }- {D}ecentralized-{S}ports-{O}rganization

First coined by BitAstir, “DSO” is a play on the “application specific” crypto-native term, DAO or decentralized autonomous organization. {Organizations that are incepted, organized, & operated online in Web3 are by default referred to a “decentralized” given that they exist & operate on infrastructure that is not bound to a single geographic entity.} DSO is an acronym for Decentralized Sports Organization. *Sometimes DSO can/will be used interchangeably with DaSO to highlight the autonomy; however in both scenarios the core concept remains the same.

What the Point of a DSO / Why Decentralize Sport Ownership?

BitAstir has been designed to serve as a (the first) public SPORT good. As a public good, The BitAstir DSO will be owned & operated by all active-stakeholders; meaning that the community will be responsible for overseeing the development & configuring the direction it grows.

As SPORT organization will be providing a host of products/services to enhance the quality of life/profession for Athletes. Ranging from the fundamental’s such marketing, PR & branding; to high level distributed training sessions; to novel token staking mechanisms & IAO (Initial-Athlete-Offerings), BitAstir has composed a radical inversion of traditional sport organizations by disseminating influence based on contribution. Making the PLAYERS the Owners.

DSO members will be imbued with a proportionately balanced amount of influence over the network based on 3 variables;
1) Total Stake
2) Duration of Stake
3) Degree of Engagement with Astir Platform

In order to become a DSO member on the Astir Network a user must satisfy one of the following parameters:

a.- Stake a minimum of 1,111 $BITA token
Staking Within the BitAstir Ecosystem is a multi-level module that implements an absolute minimal bound & a glass ceiling that empowers its owner based on their staking category. →STAKING MODULE POST←

b.- Possess a *Governance Level* Astir NFT {MasterPass}
All of the * MASTER Grade BitAstir Objects are imbued with an Automatic BitAthlete status grant.

c.- Nominated via Community Governance
Still under consideration; but generally involved the foundation drawing from their staking/lending reserves to credit incoming athletes.

d.- Be a BitAthlete
Obtaining the Status of a BitAthlete can be done in a variety of ways; it can be earned, won, or bought. Regardless of through which method a user acquires their status, they will by default inherit governance rights within the DSO.

d.- Inherit DSO membership via Contribution* (*early stages only!)
Bootstrapping the network & aligning it's incentives with public demand (especially at an early stage) requires extreme diligence in balancing; so as not to overly-enrich those that early over those coming later; all the while maintaining enough of a proposition to attract new users. Herein, BitAstir has found salient logic in giving platform ownership to promote involvement; rather than simply paying out.

Where does the DSO Congregate?

The AstirDSO will have its own ON-CHAIN governance forum. As of this writing, BitAstir has planned to build with trusted solutions { Aragon / DAOstack }.

Until the Forum is live (eta Q1 2023), a community-tribe will be stood up & blended with our Telegram, Discord, Medium & Twitter.

This document was published as means to help promulgate information during BtiAstir’s transitory phase; thus technical verbiage & excessively technical elements have been minimized for comprehension. It is by no means exhaustive & should you require more information; A more in Depth Technical Document, covering the Economic Logistics involved & the arbitration of legacy institutions via the arbitration of focus, will be published at a later date & made available through a Link → Here ←.

Please refer to the most recent version of the → Official WhitePaper ← for an exploration of the evolving market dynamics, greater system application or other information.

Be sure to stop by the site (as we prepare more presents) & follow us on social media to stay tuned in for more exciting breakthroughs from DSports.

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Decentralized Sports Organization turning Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆. Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ ℹ #SportFI & ACMn Index 📈

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Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆 #SportFI