Finding Consensus in decentralized Sports

What is {pPOP} {P}roof-{O}f-{P}erformance}?

“pPOP” is the official acronym for “public-Proof-Of-Performance”

pPOP or public-Proof-Of-Performance is a novel distributed systems consensus mechanism designed by BitAstir.

The consensus mechanism derives a “universally true” state of a distributed system based on behavioral socio-economic primitives that have been extrapolated & found consistent in the logical/mathematical world of theory as well as the physiological world of biology.

What does pPOP do for BitAstir?

The most direct explanation of the use of pPOP within BitAstir is as an algorithm for the extrapolation of data in a way that could not have been done without the advancements in technology (names crypto & blockchain); In a way that is optimized for (mimics the natural biorhythm of material reality.)

What Data points are used for pPOP?

Bitastir leveraged yet another novel design element in the establishment of its ecosystem, that being a cross-categorization & weight based system for organizing & operation on Data in a stateless manner. This design approach will utilize data points a multitude of times within necessary context & if/when needed would not at all relate.
Thus, the pPOP data logic is best understood through the lens of a mental matrix;

It is a hierarchical-cluster of:
→ 11 base points,
→ 8 dependencies &

What is pPOP used to Establish within BitAstir?

pPOP is one of BitAstir’s most fundamental pillars in the establishment of all the necessary primitives across all of its products. Everything ranging from an athletes developmental curve to the global state of the network. It is the origination point for data utilized in:
- SportFI
- ACMn
- Infusion
- Staking
- Governance
- etc…..

Will the pPOP consensus be Opened to the Public?


As a Decentralized organization, BitAstir intends to open all of its developments & findings back to world in the form of OPEN SOURCE soft/hard ware. The Code will be publicized at a later point in the project, only & only after successful public mainnet trials.

This document was published as means to help promulgate information during BtiAstir’s transitory phase; thus technical verbiage & excessively technical elements have been minimized for comprehension. It is by no means exhaustive & should you require more information; A more in Depth Technical Document, covering the Economic Logistics of an open, publicly traded social performance market & its impact when accounting for the arbitration of legacy institutions, will be published at a later date & made available through a Link → Here ←.

For any other information that may be requested, Please refer to the most recent version of the → Official WhitePaper ← There we will explore of the evolving market dynamics, greater system application to human potential & so on.

Be sure to stop by the site (as we prepare more presents) & follow us on social media to stay tuned in for more exciting breakthroughs from DSports.

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Decentralized Sports Organization turning Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆. Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ ℹ #SportFI & ACMn Index 📈

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Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆 #SportFI