The Financial Future of Sport & How $BITA Plays a Role

Term #6 in the MetaSports Dictionary → here

-{ SportFI }-

A mixture of two words; “Sports” + “Finance”, SportFi is the term used to refer to economic benefits that are realized through a sophisticated application of DEFI protocols to Athletic data.

Engineered through a combination of “Cryptocurrency + DEFI + Social Tokens + NFT’s”, SportFi leverages alternative means of establishing value based on a novel consensus mechanism derived from social approval & performance capacity; (pPoP).

Built on the highly nuanced & complex biomechanical foundation of human performance & clocking in over 3 BILLION (DAU) daily active users, SPORTs is the single largest gaming platform in the world.

At the most basic level, people earn money based on their contribution to society. For example, if Society values, programming, then the more productive hours you spend mastering this skill, the valuable you become as a resource to this society.

The same is true for sport, the more skilled you are, the more likely it is that you will win /stand out more in game, in turn meaning that you will get more exposure & be noticed by talent scouts/ recruiters. For the recruiters the job is simple, find amazing athletes that have the potential to get on the world stage & dazzle the world. If the athlete is supremely talented, then they would be more inclined to capture the heart, minds & pockets of the audience; which directly translates to society valuing said athlete more.

The rate at which this happens can be shocking. It’s hard to think that the Iphone is only 15 years old. Or that Zoom is less than 2. Society races towards the convergence of techno-humanitarian singularity at an ever increasing rate. The understanding that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will remove the mundane, repetitive & otherwise undesirable tasks from the world through automation; gives insight that People will have more time to spend with/on other people; more time to pursue opportunities in doing more creative tasks.

This then begs the question…

What skill will society value most in it’s hyper-connected-value-network super-state?

The answer to this is multi-faceted & ever changing; it likely doesnt exist yet…but one thing is for sure. With Attention up for grabs, entertainment is about to take on a whole new meaning in society… & what is more wholesome than the good old human past-time of sport?

Perhaps, it is worth taking this a step further & noting here, is it a coincidence that the worlds premier UHNWI & super-elites of society love owning sport teams. Why is that?
Wouldn’t the public like to own their sports?
Shouldn’t the Chicago Bulls be owned by Chicago?
Shouldn’t FC Barcelona be owned by Barcelona?

The time is up on us.
The Technology is here.
The world is ready.

Meet the engine that powers the world’s leading distributed, digital, & Decentralized Sport Organization (BitAstir) 👇

NFT’s + Crypto + DEFI + Social Tokens = SportFI

Wanting to keep things simple & exciting, all that we can say is:

MetaSport = NFT’s
$BITA = Crypto
BitAthletes = Social Tokens

Be a BitAstir 💎

This document was published as means to help promulgate information during BtiAstir’s transitory phase; thus technical verbiage & excessively technical elements have been minimized for comprehension. It is by no means exhaustive & should you require more information; A more in Depth Technical Document, covering the Economic Logistics of an open, publicly traded social performance market & its impact when accounting for the arbitration of legacy institutions, will be published at a later date & made available through a Link → Here ←.

For any other information that may be requested, Please refer to the most recent version of the → Official WhitePaper ← There we will explore of the evolving market dynamics, greater system application to human potential & so on.

Be sure to stop by the site (as we prepare more presents) & follow us on social media to stay tuned in for more exciting breakthroughs from DSports.

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