BITASTIR | Announcement | $BITA Distribution

The Final $BITA Drop!

Completing token distribution & reaching target 1 on the BitAstir Metaverse Sport road to Decentralization plan!

It is always hard to say goodbye;
But alas, today we must.
Today we say goodbye to baby $BitA.
& say hello to Young Master $BitAstir.

With months of dedicated hard work already behind us, BitAstir is so excited to see the markets react well to $BITA! With so much of what we have been building getting ready to ship; it was time we cranked things up a notch & boldly blaze into the Metaverse!

If you may have not heard, BitAstir has recently partnered with HanetBall360, the international sports organization behind Hanetball. ** → Link to our “Metaverse Sports” MarketWatch Release ← Our partnerships allowed BitAstir to officially become the worlds first DSO to sponsor a live game sporting event. This was a small, significant step for BitAstir & a monumental, historic moment for mankind. Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology has now forever begun seeping into the natural processes / supply chain’s of the Sport industry. This means transformations across a multitude of nuances such as:
__ enhancing the audience experience by transposing them from passive consumers to active participants;
__ strengthening the relationships between fans & athletes through digital asset based tokenization
__ providing economic sovereignty to an entire segment of society that would otherwise be subject to outdated
__ curating social markets for the establishment of a more natural monetary medium
Perhaps this is a topic better saved for a more adequate setting; like the original Astir-Gamebook; BitAstir Whitepaper & Token Economics v0.1.1”. The point is that big things are coming for those that are Astir.

As it stands today, the $BITA token has been distributed 3x to its pPreIDO community (1.1% total token supply); it is circulating across 3 major global token exchange platforms (VinDAX, UniSwap, 1Inch); it is listed on over >20 platforms (with at least 10 more in the pipeline) and has reached a lifetime trading volume of over $1,000,000.

With so much anticipation built up around the release of all of BitAstir’s new smart contracts & an ever hungry press ready for publicity — It is time we prepare ourselves for the strong (if not ballistic) increase in economic activity expected to be eyeing $BITA right over the horizon.

Decentralization at its core & Athlete in its heart; BitAstir could not bear in mind the though of having to delay another 3 months for full community inclusion.

Let the Games Begin.

DATE: 12/7/2021
TIME: ~5:30 pm EST
# of tokens: 1,095,419,798
% of total Supply: ~0.986%
% of PreIDO tokens: ~49%
# of addresses : 1,055*
# of transaction batches: 6*
*** Notice of network gas instability; all transactions were batched & processed under a single multi-send transaction. These kinds of transactions have the added specification of demanding an acknowledgement per batch. Within 10minutes of initiating distribution the Ethereum network began to go insane (assuming due to the downtime of AWS). At this time 455 wallets have been balanced; the remaining 600 will be balanced at the most stable network point within the nearest 72 hours. {an update will be posted here}

As always BitAstir could not have been more blessed than it has become without the supportive commitment & diligent efforts of our community members! We are overwhelmed with all the direct messages & feedback we have been getting on our Twitter @Bitastir. Give us a follow on TWTTR!

📣 Shoutouts to the community SuperHeros📣
**Special thanks to the super active group helping $BITA / #BITASTIR make its mark on the world & be heard!

Nehemy Valdéus
Stevenson Viellot
Ewik Trader
Zack Boy
& many others!!

We thank you dearly & humble ourselves if you have made any requests & have been waiting on a response from us. Its been been crazy, but please be advised; nobody is ever ignored or forgotten — Your voice is always heard; we will respond ASAP & all will be resolved.

Prepare for glory 💎
& Stay Blessed
- The Team at BitAstir

🌐 → Website:🌐

🅰 → $BITA Alpha Bounty: Bita.AlphaList.Bounty.Flowpage
🔗 → $BITA Resources: BitaLinks.Flowpage

🔹 → Twitter: (@ BitAstir)
🆔 → Discord: BitAstir Discord Server
📤 → Telegram:
🦧 → Reddit: (r/BitaStir)
🎥 → Youtube: Official Youtube channel BitAstir’s BitaSport.



Decentralized Sports Organization turning Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆. Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ ℹ #SportFI & ACMn Index 📈

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Bit Astir

Sports-DAO ⛹️‍♂️ Building the largest network of 🤾‍♂️ Athletes & Connecting them with with the world 🏌️‍♀️ Turning🤸‍♂️ Athletes into Assets 🏆 #SportFI