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Looking back as we move forward — how BitBakery got its start

“It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going.” — Anthony Burgess

Going to career fairs has always been an interesting experience for our team. It’s inspiring to hear the pitches from other companies. We love learning about how their solutions solve problems for customers around the world.

But our favourite part is always the origin story. How did the company’s founders come upon the problem they are now solving? Like BitBakery, many of these companies started on one path and ended up going down an entirely different one as they grew.

Vidyard started as a video production company who needed a way to securely host videos for business in a way YouTube couldn’t. Today, they’re a leading video marketing platform helping connect businesses and customers.

Shopify started because a couple people selling snownboards couldn’t find a good e-commerce solution. Now they’re competing with Amazon to help retailers and brands around the world sell directly to customers.

At BitBakery, our origin story and our pitch are intertwined. We’re a trusted outsourced development partner for clients across Canada and the US. Our team of developers, designers, and quality engineers work as embedded teams and full tech teams to deliver solutions. It’s important for us that our new team members understand where we came from — and how they’re playing a part on our continued journey.

So how did we get here?

Before BitBakery, our founding team — Wes, Joe, Attila, and Ryan — worked at a mobile app development shop building apps and games for BlackBerry smartphones. Over the years, they discovered two things.

First — they really liked working together.

Second — more and more work was coming in from other companies looking for help. This ranged from mobile app to web development. Sometimes it was a project to build a full solution for a client. Other times it was near the end of a project and a client needed a full-stack developer for a two-month stint. The team also found themselves cleaning up projects that had been outsourced offshore and weren’t up to speck.

In 2014, the team realized that building apps for themselves wasn’t what they wanted to do anymore. Helping clients deliver solutions had become what they wanted to do full-time — and that’s the beginning of BitBakery.

We don’t often tell this story at career fairs — but we do like to share why our team loves what they do at BitBakery. Edson joined us in October after moving to Canada from Brazil. For Edson, it’s the variety of work that is exciting. “We do like everything and that’s cool because we do software development for so many different sizes of clients.” Another advantage of working at BitBakery is the technology stacks we work with. “For me it’s just fun to learn new things. So for me it is a big plus,” said Edson.

Marcel, one of our full-stack developers, is currently working on an embedded developer project with a Kitchener-based innovation lab. “When a client is low on developers or just need advice from experienced developers, they talk to us,” said Marcel. “We can fit their needs and just figure out the best way to help.”

One of the people you’ll meet at the BitBakery booth is Nur, our Director, Customer Relations. “From React Native to Node JS to Angular, we develop in newer stacks so we can do things quickly for our clients,” said Nur. “Everything that we do is pretty nimble.”

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you deliver amazing customer experiences.

Are you a developer or designer and BitBakery sounds like the place for you? Check out our career page to learn more about working at BitBakery and where you fit.

Originally published at on April 20, 2020.




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