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Listed Cryptocurrencies, which is on the Financial Services Agency website, are simply assessed in terms of the definition of Payment Services Act, based on the description of each cryptocurrency exchange. The Financial Services Agency and Treasury do not guarantee the value of these cryptocurrencies and constitute a recommendation. Cryptocurrency does not necessarily have the underlying assets. Please note the following precautions when you trade.

<Notes when trading cryptocurrency>

Cryptocurrency is not a “legal tender” such as JPY and USD, which guarantee its value. It is an electronic data exchanged on the Internet. The price of cryptocurrency can change. There is a risk of sharp price decline and even suddenly becoming valueless. Cryptocurrency exchange is required to be licensed by the Financial Services Agency and Treasury. We are a licensed cryptocurrency exchange. When you trade cryptocurrencies , please do so at your own discretion upon thoroughly informed and understood about what you are trading. Consultation about cryptocurrency and fraudulent coin are increasing. Please be aware of flaudulance and mallicious business which pretend to use cryptocurrency and introduce cryptocurrency exchange business.


bitbank, inc. take no responsiblity for any user actions based on the information of its serivce at all. It does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the article contents as well as the linked destinations. In addition, bitbank, inc. take not responsibility for any actions that users take on such linked destinations. There are articles including price expectations of cryptocurrency. However, they are entirely intended for providing information of cryptocurrency and do not constitute an investment advice to its users. All of our published data and information are not intended to encourage users’ investment decisions.


Cryptocurrency has a risk of losing its value in case there is a serious problem with its transfer mechanism, and/or loss caused by cyber attacks. Cryptocurrency has a risk of losing its value while users not being able to use their holdings in case the user lose his/her secret key or the key is abused by a third party. bitbank, inc. will conduct appropriate legal procedures on the basis of applicable laws and regulations in case it can no loger continue its business due to external cause; however, it is possible, in such case, for bitbank, inc. to fail to return deposited funds and cryptocurrencies to its users. In this connection, bitbank, inc. keeps its assets separate from user’s deposited funds and cryptocurrencies.

Virtual Currency Exchangers license No.00004 by Japan Finaicial Services Agency.
A member of Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association.

bitbank, inc.

bitbank is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in…

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bitbank is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, and is officially licensed by Financial Services Agency. (Registration No.00004)

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