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Bitcoin: The Non-Cooperation Movement We All Should Be A Part Of

Many protests have broken out in different parts of the world following the killing of George Floyd. For those participating, this is not a one-time ‘protest rally’ which is mostly for protesters to feel good about themselves. In this case, they want to bring about real change which comes with continued activism. Throughout history, people have resorted to different types of activism in different situations and with varying results.

All of these types involve the intentional or unintentional breaking of laws which have their own implications. While it attracts anti-authoritarians and does not deter staunch believers of the cause, it may push away some who were on the fence. There is another type of activism which is much more subtle and arguably as effective: Non-Cooperation. This type involves protesters changing their behaviours over time. They stop contributing to the prevailing narratives of society or the government that they stand against. Without their contribution and the feedback loop, the structures formed on top of these norms start falling apart. Activists simply opt-out of that system and chose an alternate.

The most well-known example of such a movement is the one launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 against the British. All Indians withdrew their labour from any activity that sustained the British government’s economy in India, including British industries and educational institutions. People, en masse, started buying Indian made goods and doing away with British produced items. The impact of the revolt was a total shock to British authorities and a massive encouragement to millions of Indian nationalists. Unity in the country was strengthened, and many Indian schools, colleges and industries were formed.

Bitcoin and the alternate financial system it represents gives us a similar opt-out opportunity from the current way of things. And it is the ultimate protest against a system which has led to massive societal issues. This is more apparent from the way things had changed since 1971 when the fiat system was fully unleashed. For more information, please visit It is worth noting that Bitcoin is not just an alternative to the banking system and the payment processors but the financial system as a whole, including the central banks and the government treasury. The Bitcoin protocol has an inbuilt initial distribution mechanism which is fairer than the way central banks do it. It also allows the transfer of value between individuals which is more permissionless than the current payment processors. The asset, bitcoin and its fixed cap make it an ideal store of value. The wallets, which can hold your private keys, means that you don’t need banks and their accounts to hold your digital money.

As a woke gentleman put it nicely on the 3rd of June in a LA protest. “Unfortunately we live in a system that doesn’t allow us to thrive or strive and has continually been literally on our necks.” He continued “My natural solution for this problem is for everyone to opt-out and exit the economy and the way to do that is by buying bitcoin.”



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