Bitcoiners’ Meetup in a country known for its self-custodial culture

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Stories united around a shared ethos — Bitcoin

Bitcoin Twitter is generally abuzz with developments in the West. But a mere glance at “Crypto” numbers from India shows how the country is primed for Orange pilling. This, from a nation that knows a thing or two about self-custodial hodling, with households owning more than 25,000 tonnes of Gold.

The Bitcoin community in India is still nascent but is as “toxic” as your friendly neighbourhood ones. The burning need was for a hub for Indian Bitcoiners to unite around. Enter @Bitcoin4India — a Bitcoin-only Twitter handle custom made for the purpose (Incoming: Bitcoin-memes in Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam and more!)

This past Saturday, Mumbai — the country’s financial capital, witnessed one of the first gatherings of Indian Bitcoiners. The meetup was a melange of well-known voices in the Indian Bitcoin ecosystem, devs finding ways to contribute to Bitcoin, and long term Bitcoin explorers.

Conversations over QRs

The session kicked off with @mrugakshee stating (and the gathering chiming in) the three certainties of life:

Death, taxes and 21 Million bitcoin

Next, @RajarshiMaitra shared his Bitcoin journey. The audience heard in rapt attention as he shared his story of introspection and asking the difficult questions that generally lead down the rabbit hole. The community shared similar stories throughout the event.

Give the dude a platform, he takes care of the rest. (That hug in the background though)

The session closed with excited Bitcoiners exchanging notes on core development, lightning, Canada, IMF and everything else in between. Bonhomie and passions ran high, as was expected!

A common sentiment of the evening

@anant_tap from @hexawallet mentioned that this wouldn’t be a one-off event. “Seeds have been sown to conduct similar sessions across the country, with the next ones planned to be held in Chennai, Bangalore and Goa. All the meetups would be volunteer and Bitcoin-community driven.” he said.

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