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Hexa and Swan Bitcoin: The Whole Nine Yards of Stacking Sats

The typical process of stacking sats goes like this. Mine fiat — transfer fiat to an exchange — buy sats -transfer sats to your account — secure sats in self-custody. Repeat. Swan automates most of the initial part of the process, and now Hexa makes the last step super easy as well. Result: Convert your fiat into self-custody sats in the most frictionless way possible.

Simple to set up

When you download the new Hexa 2.0, you get a default Swan Withdrawl wallet in the app. This wallet can be activated by linking it to your Swan account, which you can do by simply following the steps the setup wizard takes you through. And if you don’t have a Swan account yet, don’t worry, follow the steps, and it will take you through the registration process on Swan.

When you finish the process, it sets up an auto-withdrawal trigger on Swan. You can keep stacking with auto DCA or smash buys. When your stack reaches a threshold, the auto-withdrawal to Hexa kicks in. Once approved, boom, the sats land in the dedicated Swan wallet in Hexa.


This partnership is valuable to us, rewarding for you as a user and good for the bitcoin community. Swan offers super low fees and no withdrawal costs to the user. To top it, when you link Swan and finish the process, you will get a $10 signup bonus in sats. For the community, bitcoiners now have somewhere they can point their friends and family, knowing well that the whole nine yards of stacking-sats safely is covered for them. There is also no distraction of shitcoins anywhere in this process, unlike with Coinbase.


Both companies share the bitcoin ethos, so the integration had to be done in a privacy-preserving way. Your Swan stack in Hexa is managed separately as an account, so the UTXOs don’t get mixed up with other UTXOs in the wallet. This means that the KYC data does not leak into other accounts.



Link to explainer video



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