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Introducing Hexa 2.0

With more social features and stacking options

Bitcoin is for everyone, and the team’s mission at Hexa Wallet is to make that a reality. It is a wallet designed for people new to bitcoin but without compromising any of the bitcoin principles of self-custody, privacy or security. To achieve this, the team introduced many new features like Test Account, Shamir Secret Sharing based backup scheme, Friends & Family, Donation Account, etc. But overall, from a complete product point of view, it was a challenging needle to thread. This was a reason Hexa was always in beta… till now.

We have been listening

During the last one year, we have taken every opportunity to speak to as many of you as possible. We have had 17 user-focused sessions where we not only spoke to but observed new users downloading the wallet and using the features. We had more than 100 short one-to-one sessions with the new users when they faced a specific problem. The feedback we have received is from at least 20 different countries. This also helped us understand that in countries where bitcoin is needed the most (Latin America, India, etc.), people use very different devices than the rest of the world. And that is why we conducted extensive performance tests on at least 45 different devices. We reached out to many in the community for their opinions and presented where we had a chance.

Armed with these improvements and even more exciting new features, we are finally happy to take Hexa out of beta with Hexa 2.0.

What’s new?

  1. Support for many more countries, language and devices
  2. Swan Bitcoin auto-withdrawal wallet so that you can self-custody your sats without having to transfer them out explicitly
  3. Automated cloud backup with encryption gives you a secure backup from the beginning without taking any additional steps. You can upgrade the backup to more resilient and secure levels when you start storing more sats.
  4. Massive performance boast along with squashing of many annoying bugs
  5. Improved Donation feature allows you to involve the community more by letting them provide their Twitter profile and ability to post it.
  6. An upgraded Savings Account means that the funds cannot be stolen even if your phone is completely compromised.

This is not all. We have also laid the groundwork for many more features to be released soon. This includes the ability to send gifts to contacts and strangers, with the ability to retrieve them back if not claimed. Lightning Network, support for tor network, dark mode etc., are in the works. You will soon have the ability to be someones bitcoin sherpa/ angel and handhold them into bitcoin.

One time move

To make all this possible, we had to rethink and remodel a lot of the aspects of the app. This means that the current Hexa app is not upgradable to the new app. The users will have to download the new Hexa 2.0 app from their app stores and transfer the funds. We have set up the operational support needed to help users transition with the Telegram group and regular Spaces on @HexaWallet. Both the apps will be supported and available for a while as users move from one to another.

So what the users get at the end of it is a faster and more secure app that is also more fun to use with all the new features.



Link to explainer video:



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