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UK based FinTech start-up Hexa Wallet’s fundraise crosses $1M with their recent pre-seed round. Funds to be used to build self-custody apps on bitcoin rails.

Hexa is a bitcoin-only wallet committed to improving the Bitcoin self-custodial experience. The fund from the recent raise will be to recruit new designers & developers, and community development.

Hexa Wallet’s vision is to reduce the barrier to entry of the Bitcoin-curious to explore the power of self-custody in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Brad Mills came on board as an angel while Fulgur Ventures led the raise, expressing its faith in Hexa’s team to deliver simple yet powerful bitcoin experiences to new-coiners. BankToThe Future and Plan B ventures are our crowdfunding partners in the fundraising.

The proceeds would be used to recruit talent, thus accelerating the product development pace, said the release shared with Bitcoin Magazine.

“Our vision is to make it easy for Bitcoiners to draw their friends and family away from the custodial crypto “solutions” to bitcoin. Eventually leading to a massive domino effect. The fundraiser is a great validation and enabler of our vision.” says Anant Tapadia, Founder-CEO, Hexa Wallet.

Beyond the fundraising, COPA member Hexa wallet is actively partnered with Summer of Bitcoin to foster the development of the bitcoin-only community in India with the volunteer-led Bitcoin4India initiative. “We are committed to bringing Bitcoin to the masses… and the masses to bitcoin.” said Prasad Prabhakaran, Co-Founder-COO, Hexa Wallet.

Hexa COO Prasad Prabhakaran with Tadge Dryja at Advancing Bitcoin 2022

“Learning from our user feedback, we’re well on our way to release more apps to make self-custody the default method to stack sats.” signed off Tapadia.

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