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Announcment #28: BNSD on Bitbns

Dear Users,

Announcement number 28 is BNSD listing on BitBns.

BNS and BNSD are separate tokens.

BNS is the central utility token that BNS is building and would continue to get built. Users who do not wish to participate in the DeFi part can continue to hold or trade BNS.

BNSD is the DeFi side of it where we introduced it so users can explore yield farming at

BNSD and BNS are like Batman and Robin for each other. Its trading will go live on 7th September. Open order starts at 1 PM IST and trading at 3 PM IST.

We made a lot of improvements in it as compared to existing ones like SUSHI, KIMCHI etc

1. Dev fund is just 4%, On top of that 50% of dev rewards will be used to buyback.

2. Halving of rewards periodically which makes it deflationary supply

3. Great APYs.

4. BNS of yield farmers will stay locked in for yield farming.

5. Huge pool sale, FIP for BNSD.

There would be interesting things that would come for BNS and BNSD. BNSD augments BNS. It does not compete with it in anyway.

On the DeFi side of the BNS ecosystem we will continue to figure out how we can add more value over time by introducing multiple other utilities. Its growth would ensure proper and subsequent growth of the BNS ecosystem in a positive way.

Till then

Onwards and upwards,

Team BitBns



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