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Bitbns announces a powerful partnership with Paxful

A step towards the success of crypto has been made again! India’s popular trading platform Bitbns has partnered with Paxful which is a global crypto trading platform where one can trade with millions of users using 300+ payment methods without the middlemen involvement. After a long break from announcements we are starting back with this major partnership announcement which is announcement number 48 as we look forward to scaling to bigger heights. We aim to create on ramps globally for users to start their crypto journey.

Paxful is the world’s leading peer to peer trading marketplace. Paxful has a significant share of the global peer to peer trade on bitcoin from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, Russia or just about anywhere else in the world.

The proposed partnership aims to help people from the supported countries by introducing the FIAT deposit feature where one can buy crypto currency in the exchange of fiat the person deposits at Bitbns.

Prashant Singh, Founder and CTO at BitBns said in a statement, “The partnership with Paxful is a major milestone for adoption of digital assets and is going to benefit users who are looking to access digital assets. BitBns also has innovative products like, which is a bitcoin SIP where Paxful integration would empower users to financially save into bitcoin with the powerful and simple DCA method across 200 countries in the world.”

“Bitbns also has simple saving products called FIP where users can earn interest on top of crypto like bitcoin and USDT upto 25% and Paxful integration would enable passive investors to grow their crypto via this,” he added.

Let’s look at how can a user deposit money. How to deposit USDT on Bitbns via Paxful to start trading:

  1. A user wanting to get Bitcoin in an exchange of USDT or FIAT currency must first and foremost register at Paxful and Bitbns. Once done, click the “Deposit USDT” button on the wallet window.
  2. The next window that appears will have the “Deposit USDT via paxful” option at the bottom. Click the option.
  3. The “Enter amount” window appears where the user puts the amount he or she would want to spend in the preferred currency.
  4. This will take the user to another window “Select payment method” where the user will select the preferred method and the best available offer. There is “Review offer” option to double check the details filled.
  5. One can also click at the “change offer” button in the review offer page and click on “Begin trade” button once confirmed.
  6. Trade started window will appear. Complete trade by clicking the “PAID” button or click on the cancel button to cancel the trade. The “Instruction” section right below discusses about the payment verification details for security purposes.
  7. User would then be able to trade over 100 digital assets on bitbns. The entire process takes less than 5minutes


Q. Do I need a paxful registration before trading?
A. Yes.

Q. I am from Saudi Arabia. How can I get Bitcoin in exchange of SAR?
A. The user can buy bitcoin after getting USDT in exchange for SAR via Paxful using the above steps

Q. Is the trade secure with Bitbns?
A. Yes. It’s completely safe and highly secure.

Q. Does the exchange platform work for South African countries?
A. Yes, it does. The platform supports more then 300+ countries.

Q. Is there any third party involvement in the exchange? I am scared.
A. No, there’s no middleman involvement and the entire exchange process is quite transparent and verified.

Bitbns and Paxful share the same goal of giving the working people a simple, fair and secure way of trading. The aim is better and bigger Bitcoin adoption.

Team Bitbns



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