Bitbns Pay — Revolution Begins Here

Apr 1 · 2 min read

We all know crypto is great because it really allows us to own our money and has great returns too. But how we wish we could spend our crypto to buy things, just like that. Wait a minute! We guess we did something about it.

Meet Bitbns Pay

A Debit Card cum Hardware Wallet that lets you spend your cryptocurrency funds on purchases, just like that. You have a bank debit card? Good! Then we guess we don’t need to teach you how to use Bitbns Pay because it works just like a bank debit card. Just swipe and pay, and additionally, get flat 3% discount on every transaction. No minimum transaction value.

But how about you get a little more with it? How about a little something that keeps your cryptocurrency funds safer than ever? Have you guessed it already? Yes! It’s a hardware wallet too and it is by far the best security system Bitbns has designed for your crypto funds.


  • Make Online Purchases — Spend your crypto for online as well as offline purchases.
  • Real-time Transactions — No waiting, no waste of time. Pay instantly & get going.
  • Flat 3% Discount — Enjoy discount on every transaction
  • Spend Crypto, Anywhere, Anytime — Because it works like a normal Debit Card
  • Store and Transfer Crypto — Embedded Hardware Wallet for added utility
  • Highly-secured — In-built RFID Blocker protects your funds, 24x7.

More details on Bitbns Pay coming out soon.

Meanwhile, how about a little contest? Yes? Check this out!

“The Bitbns Pay Contest”

The Bitbns Pay card comes for a nominal fee of $75 USD. But guess what? You could get it for no charges because we are giving away 1000 Bitbns Pay cards. To grab it for free, all you have to do is:

  • Share this page with your friends on social media as much as you can.
  • Top 1000 users with maximum number of shares win one card each.
  • If you can tag your friends as well, your chances of winning the card go up.
  • And yes, don’t forget to put #BitbnsPay and #FutureOfFinanceIsHere as only the posts with these hashtags will be counted.
  • Follow and Subscriber to all our social media channels.

So have you started sharing yet?


Official Medium Account of Bitbns — Fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrency in India.


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Official Medium Account of Bitibns — Fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrency in India.



Official Medium Account of Bitbns — Fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrency in India.

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