Cardano Propels @ Bitbns Platform — Get Ready to Trade Lucratively

We have received an outstanding response from investors, after the launch of Neo, Gas, Stellar, DBC, RPX, ONT, Zilliqa, EOS, Ncash & DGB. Thousands of buyers and investors are showing continued interest in our launched coins. We are very happy over the positive response and feedback. And seeing this great success of the newly propelled coins, we are delighted to add another prominent coin to our list, Cardano (ADA).

Buy Cardano on Bitbns

Trade Cardano & Win Only On Bitbns

Cardano is a next generation blockchain that features a democratic governance model. It is a fully open source project that develops a smart contract platform for delivering advanced features than any other protocol. Users will be allowed to deposit Cardano on Bitbns before trading goes live. We are scheduling the deposits for Cardano on 23rd March, 2018, starting at 9:20pm.

Just follow these 3 easy steps for making a deposit.

  • Go to the deposit section.
Click on receive
  • To know your deposit address

🚀🚀ADA Contest🚀🚀

Sell & Win 500 ADA

  • Largest depositor of ADA wins 500 ADA.
  • Eligibility: Minimum 10K ADA to be deposited
  • 40% of the ADA needs to be traded on the first day.

Buy & Win 4 Lacs Free Trading

  • Top 10 buy-side traders of ADA pays 0% fees upto 4 lacs worth of trades. So 4 lac worth of trades are free for the user if he is amongst the top 10 buyers for ADA for the duration mentioned.
  • Ranking calculation will start from the time trading (Will be announced soon) till 30th march 11:59pm

Be Unique & Win

  • Unique Depositor wins 200 ADA
  • 40% of the ADA needs to be traded on the first day. The deposit should have no deposit in the 10% range above or below.
  • Eg: So if someone deposits 1341 and no one else has deposited in the band of 10% higher or lower.
That is 1341*0.9 > 1206
and 1341*1.1 < 1475

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is the first decentralized public blockchain platform that evolves out of a scientific philosophy. The project is based on a research first driven approach that involves secure proof-of-stake algorithm, reviewed by academics.

The multi layer protocol of Cardano has a settlement layer at its foundation, which is linked to a control layer. This control layer runs smart contracts. The entire design of the protocol protects the privacy rights of the users and keeps a check on the needs of the regulators. In other words, Cardano is the first of its own kind that balances the different requirements in an effective way and pioneers a new approach for cryptocurrencies. Cardano right now is the 6th most valuable currency amongst all digital assets. The current market cap of Cardano as of 23rd March 2018 is ₹319,576,880,490 and it has a trading volume of ₹10,848,140,007.

Bitbns becomes the first exchange in India to get Cardano live and among the only 10 exchanges globally which has listed Cardano and the only fiat exchange globally to trade cardano apart from Korean exchanges.

After the successful launch of NCash & DGB, ONT, Zilliqa, EOS & Polymath, recently, we are very excited to announce that we are adding another popular crypto coin to our list, Cardano. This is exclusively for our investors for showing continued interest in cryptocurrencies.

So, sign up @ Bitbns today and start trading Cardano.