Nov 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Hey traders,

Having a good day so far? If not, don’t worry because it’s just going to get so much better.

Speed is an important component when it comes to transactions, right? But P2P transactions could be tiring in some cases where either of the peers acts slow at confirming a transaction.

Enter Instant INR Deposits

No more delays! No more missing out on arbitrage opportunity. The concept of Bitbns Instant INR Deposits is simple.

  • Deposit INR (upto 80% of your net worth on Bitbns),
  • Submit the reference number
  • Bitbns will take up your deposit request and credit that amount to your INR wallet, INSTANTLY!

This amount, and your net worth, can be used to buy/sell crypto assets right away. However, you don’t own the deposited amount until the transaction is confirmed by the withdrawer. So, basically, the role of Instant INR Deposits is to make sure you don’t have to wait before you can start trading crypto.

The Breakthrough

We have created a sophisticated mechanism which tracks a user’s probability to default, and takes into account their overall holdings and average response time on P2P INR Deposits & Withdrawals, and a few more. A certain amount of your crypto withdrawals might be on hold based on few of these parameters until the other peer (withdrawer) confirms the transaction. The more the value of assets a user holds (crypto and INR) on Bitbns, the larger the INR amount they can avail via Instant INR Deposits. So, for instance, a user with few lacs in their wallet (crypto + INR) can avail few lacs instantly.

By any means, holding crypto on Bitbns is most beneficial as we:

- Have 18 of the top 20 coins listed.

  • Allow you to lend your crypto and earn interest
  • Have substantial liquidity on all coins, so you get the best price when you sell.

In addition to that, you have lightning fast ‘Instant Deposits. The higher you hold, the higher the amount you can avail via Instant INR Deposits. For example — with 1 BTC, you can deposit a few lakhs, instantly.

Let’s take an example:

You are a dotting crypto enthusiast. You possess 1 BTC in Bitbns and your plan is to hold it for long term. Also, you want to participate in the market only when a good swing opportunity (mooning or crashing) or a chance to arbitrage arises.

Here’s what you can do to steer the situation in your favour:

  • Avail, say, 100,000 INR via Instant INR Deposit within few seconds.
  • With this 100,000 INR, you can instantly trade and participate in any opportunity or do arbitrage by withdrawing crypto.

If anyone tries to default by not depositing INR but successfully claiming it, the requested amount will be deducted from their INR balance, plus a penalty of Rs. 500 or 5% of the same (whichever is higher) would be levied. Honest traders need not worry.

Still here? Go on, deposit INR, and enjoy the fastest deposit and trading experience on Bitbns.

With Love

Team Bitbns


Official Medium Account of Bitbns — Fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrency in India.


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Official Medium Account of Bitibns — Fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrency in India.



Official Medium Account of Bitbns — Fastest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrency in India.

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