Introducing Interest rates on Holding Cryptocurrency!

On our quest to opening the access to digital assets to everyone we are bringing in something big.

Forget the normal cryptocurrency exchange accounts, now you can open a account on Bitbns & earn interest for holding cryptocurrency. Yes, you heard it right.

Hold Cryptocurrency & Earn 20%

With the beginning of new financial year, we are excited to introduce hold & earn interest on cryptocurrency. Users on Bitbns will be paid 20%* p.a. on your cryptocurrency holdings. This feature will be available from 1st April 2018 on opening Bitbns Hold & Earn Account (BHE Accounts).

The team is roping in creative artists who can help communicate this fantastic offer to everyone.

Features of BHE Accounts

You can earn 20% p.a. interest on certain cryptocurrency balance at the end of every year which is applicable for resident accounts only.

For example, If you hold 1000 XRP from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019, you will be paid 1200 XRP on March 31st 2019.

Similarly if you hold 1 BTC from 1st April to 31st March 2019, you will be paid 1.2 BTC on March 31st 2019.

The duration of the holding is 1 year. There are longer and shorter term plans coming soon.

This is applicable on the 31 digital assets that Bitbns provides with.

Who is eligible to apply?

Existing and new customers of bitbns can opt for this by just filling a opt in form.

How to open a New BHE account?

Opening a NEW BHE account is very easy. Just go to or download the Bitbns App and create an account and verify yourself. Post that you need to fill the form. You would be communicated when your application has been approved.

Get more!

Refer your friend & family to open a Bitbns BHE Account. Get 5% of their interest income in your account as well.

“We see lot of users just hold there cryptocurrency for long terms gains. But cryptocurrency market is quite volatile in nature & so we want our users to earn. Why only hold when you can earn interest for holding” Says Datta, who has been working on this initiative.

There seems to be a positive response from users who have liked this initiative.

This is our pilot program on offering interest to user on holding digital assets. We are very excited about this. Based on the success of this pilot program we have few other initiatives to enable cryptocurrency enthusiasts & blockchain startups.

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