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Monthly dose of Bitbns Digest from June

Hey guys,
We’ve come halfway down the 2020 lane and things are falling in place as the world gets used to the new norm. Are you gearing up for the future? We are, and for us, it only translates to building a better experience for you. So here’s how we achieved a part of that goal, last month:

  • New Withdrawal Limit

The new withdrawal limit on Bitbns has been pushed up to Rs. 10,00,000 with a maximum of 10 transactions per day.
See tweet:

  • Tron-based USDT transactions

Look where our quest for speed brought us — Tron-based USDT transactions are sure to bring a way faster experience in USDT transactions.
Tweet, tweet:

  • New USDT pairs

Did anyone say new trade pairs? Well, we launched a whole array of USDT trade pairs — BNB ZIL ZRX OMG DASH — so that you can do even more with USDT.

  • COMP and BAL Listed

Decentralised finance has always sounded game-changing to us. For that reason, COMP and BAL INR trade pairs have been listed on Bitbns and some of you are already loving it. Also, we are the only market place in India, where you can trade COMP and BAL against INR.
We posted about it:

  • Bitbns with PayID

We would never miss a chance to support the better. We joined a global Open Payments Coalition with PayID and we are pretty excited about it too.
Hence, the tweet:

  • Lowest Spreads, says CoinGecko

Do you know our secret sauce to sufficient, 24x7 trading volumes? Well, CoinGecko figured it out. Bitbns has the lowest spreads on all INR pairs in India, ensuring there is always someone to fulfil your orders at moment’s notice.
Know more:

  • Arbitrager — The App

A lot of you have been asking for it, so here we are with an app dedicated to just one thing — better crypto arbitrage.
Here’s how we let you know:

Check out the app now:

Warms Regards
Bitbns Team



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