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Monthly dose of Bitbns Digest from May

May 2020 is history and it’s time to take positivity to new levels for June. And a good motivation for that would be catching up with your favourite crypto exchange and what it continued to achieve in the month of May. Here are the tidbits of motivation from May, straight from Bitbns:

  • INR Withdrawals In A Snap

You can always chase perfection, but never catch it. Wrong! Our new INR Withdrawals are just perfect. Bank-based transactions have been integrated for INR withdrawals, which means no more queuing up.

Check tweet:

  • In Million

We know you have been watching closely, the pre-public sale rounds for BNS token, but just to let you know the whole picture, we raised $2.4 million. Yes, and we have already kicked off the construction of the BNS ecosystem, brick by brick.

  • Highest Ever

With 1 million USDT traded in 24 hours, we recorded the highest trading volume ever for USDT on Bitbns.

More, in this tweet:

  • CEO Talked Halving

Last month’s prime highlight was Bitcoin reward halving from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per block mined, and the world watched as it happened. How is it going to change the crypto ecosystem? Well, go watch Mr. Gaurav Dahake live on a panel discussion with BitcoinMagazine.

See more here:

  • Cutting-Edge View

Forget everything you know about charts on Bitbns. Because we have switched from basic charts to advanced TradingView charts and fixed them right on your trading pages, like always. Brace up for some cutting-edge trading, with TradingView.

A tiny tweet about it:

  • The Fix

Fixed Income Plans — we all know about it. But for the first time, we have them on Bitbns. Fixed Income Plan (FIP) is now a Bitbns feature for you to invest your crypto for a fixed period of time and get a fixed promised return.

We tweeted too:

  • SERO is here

The new hero in blockchain privacy protection has superhero-landed on Bitbns. It’s called Super-Zero (SERO) and it’s up & trading already. Cheers!

We already told you:

  • You met CVT

Another token joined the Bitbns brigade last month — CyberVein (CVT). Have you traded it yet?

See tweet:

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