Sale Ka Kumbh Mela — The Mega Flash Sale Week @ Bitbns

We love our crypto community, our investors and traders, for their amazing support and to show our appreciation we are announcing our mega flash sale week, Sale Ka Kumbh Mela. This is the biggest flash sale week we’ve ever had. It will feature four popular crypto tokens, Monero, DeepBrain Chain, Red Pulse and Litecoin, at 50% off. The sale will go live on 5th March and will culminate till 13th March.

Monero will open the crypto innings on 5th March, followed by DeepBrain Chain on 7th March, Red Pulse on 9th March and the final one, Litecoin on 13th March. If you have always been waiting for that right moment to buy cryptocurrency at the lowest prices, then this is the right opportunity and you must not miss it. The mantra is very simple. The more you buy, the bigger you save.

The attractive deal of 50% off on these four crypto tokens will allow you to make huge profits in no time. The essence of the sale is the crypto doubler that will enable investors to double the value of their investment. So, if you invest Rs. 500, you will get crypto tokens worth Rs. 1000. Simple!!! Don’t forget the dates of Sale Ka Kumbh Mela.

Monero Flash Sale — 5th March (Details and criteria mentioned here

DeepBrain Chain Flash Sale — 7th March (Details and criteria mentioned here

Red Pulse Flash Sale — 9th March (Details and criteria mentioned here

Litecoin Flash Sale — 13th March (Details and criteria mentioned here

Criteria for Participation in Sale ka Kumbh Mela

Monero (XMR)

If you have signed up on or before 1st March in Bitbns, you must hold at least 0.1 XMR .

Before you become a part of this mega sale @ Bitbns, have a glimpse of these four popular coins.

Details and criteria mentioned here

Monero (XMR)

Monero is one of the leading crypto assets that focus on censorship-resistant transactions. This currency is not just secure and untraceable, but is open-source, private and most importantly, accessible to all. If you buy Monero, you can become your own bank, as only you would be responsible for your funds. With Monero, you can always be assured of your transactions to be private and protected from prying eyes. Currently, the currency is hovering at Rs. 19,213 or 0.02765190 BTC with a market cap of Rs. 3,02,91,45,16,749.20

Litecoin (LTC)

Designed with a perspective to overcome the bottlenecks and scalability concerns with Bitcoin, Litecoin is popular digital currency that utilises blockchain technology for maintaining a public record of the transactions. It is a decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that facilitates in transferring funds, without requiring an intermediary like bank or payment processing service. For about two years, it hovered around $4 per LTC, until May 2017, when all the cryptocurrencies showed a massive value upsurge. Over the period, Litecoin has adopted new technologies like Segregated Witness and has been relatively innovative. Currently, the token is hovering at Rs. 13655.90 or 0.01958790 BTC with a market cap of Rs. 7,57,07,06,96,136.16.

Details and criteria mentioned here

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DBC is a low-cost, flexible, private, secure and decentralized AI computing platform for AI product that trades via smart contracts. It is a secure data trading platform that prevents data leakage or reselling for both the parties. DBC is a rare gem that can leverage an existing corporate customer base. It currently has a low float cap of 900,000,000 tokens in circulation, out of which 0.6bn were sold through a pre-sale and are likely held under lock-up. More tokens will arguably be released in the near future, but if you are a short term investor, this won’t matter. The current DBC price in INR is hovering around Rs.5.39 or 0.00000774 BTC with a market cap of Rs. 4,85,15,75,833.50.

Details and criteria mentioned here

Red Pulse (RPX)

RPX is the first ICO token based on NEO blockchain that aims at providing a direct-incentive ecosystem. This system will be facilitated by RPX token, which can, thereby, support in creating a global community of colleagues. Red Pulse basically, scales up the research process and uses RPX tokens to power the content production, distribution and consumption platform. It has a real advantage of being the first token in the NEO blockchain. Red Pulse has lots of big financial news organisations as their partners, which will definitely impact its value in the coming weeks. The current RPX price in INR is hovering around Rs. 12.12 or 0.00001741 BTC with a market cap of Rs. 6,58,31,08,528.04.

Details and criteria mentioned here

Bitbns — A Trustworthy Platform

Bitbns is a young company that made its first appearance as a cryptocurrency trading platform with Bitcoin flash sale on 19th December, 2017. The flash sale was a tremendous success and was a money-spinner for the investors. With the new year 2018, we geared up and rolled out best discounts and offers on several crypto tokens in form of flash sales. This time we wanted to make it big for our crypto community. So, here we are, back in action with our mega flash sale week, Sale Ka Kumbh Mela. You must not miss this great prospect of buying crypto tokens at 50% off.

Bitbns, born with a vision of creating the best digital assets exchange, has been invariably innovative. Since its inception, the investors have also been actively participating in crypto trading and flash sales. Over a period of time, we have not only build trust, but have created a strong relationship with our investors, traders and buyers. We look forward to endow you with enhanced customer support and more of flash sales in the near future, so that we all can grow together. Till then, make the best out of mega flash sale week!!!

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