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The Best Trading Fee Structure is Here

Beloved Users,

A lot of you had mentioned that we should bring something around improving the fees structure. We listened to you and have now brought an amazing new fee structure for our users. This new fee structure makes trading on Bitbns, the cheapest in India. This also has an element of BNS which gives you an extra discount.

Traders are categorised in VIP categories. A trader’s VIP category is determined by their trading volume in the last 30 days and BNS holding.

The table below shows the fee structure:


A trader holding less than $ 25 worth of BNS tokens or or <6000 USDT Rolling Trade volume would continue to trade for the usual, flat 0.25% trade fees.

All daily trades would be counted for the previous rolling 30 days starting from April 5th and the discounts would be applicable in the form of fee refunds rolled every midnight. So from March 6th to April 4th, the last 30 days trades would be taken to compute the fee refund for today. Trades across all markets (INR, USDT or any other markets that might be coming) are considered.

We are pretty excited about bringing exclusive benefits to our BNS token holders and we would constantly innovate on behalf of our users to improve their experience. BNS has already given great utility on with the offer of the 12th month instalment () and now we are bringing one of the most awaited trading fees discounts for our users.

This structure is effective from today (4th April midnight) onwards.

Warm Regards
Bitbns Team



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