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Users to get annual return on HODLing!

We are always happy to bring something new for our users.
We have something amazing for you!

  • Users will get 3% annual returns on their crypto holdings at BitBns.
  • Users just need to hold crypto in their wallet.
  • We aim to bring this for all the coins and tokens listed on Bitbns but for now, we are starting with BTC, ETH, USDT and DOGE only.
  • Offer starts from 29th April 2021.


• Users will now get 3% on BNS and BNSD per annum by holding it in their BitBns wallet.

1. Snapshot will be taken randomly once every 6 hrs
2. No lock, as long as its in your wallet, it is earning interest
3. Distribution happens once every month for holdings of previous month
4. Amount lent on margin trading or invested in FIP won’t be counted

We will come up with more amazing such offers very soon and improving the coverage to more tokens.

Smash that share button and let your friends know. Bring any crypto that you have on other exchanges to Bitbns to earn the interest. We are starting with BTC ETH USDT and DOGE but would be adding new tokens really quickly. Not just this, we also have withdrawal fee refund offer on your first coin deposit which you can claim. So that along with interest part is massively beneficial for a crypto user.

Till then
Upwards and Onwards
Team Bitbns



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