Bitbon System: A New Approach to Safe, Legal Investments

The Bitbon System is now in the final stage of its Public Crowdsale managed by Simcord Company.

Each investor seeks the safest and most profitable investment schemes. Unfortunately, traditional financial instruments lack reliability due to drawbacks including limited access, high entry barrier, red tape, non-transparent assets management, high volatility, and numerous cases of fraud.

In the case of crypto investments, the key obstacles are regulatory problems and legal liability. Additionally, such projects tend to simply change jurisdictions instead of putting in the effort to legalize investment activities that contradict the laws of certain territories. As a result, they fail to offer investors a robust legal framework and protection of their rights.

In order to address these challenges, Simcord LLC, a software development company, has introduced an innovative approach to safe investment in the form of the Bitbon System. The platform designed by the team represents a comprehensive complex product providing all infrastructure components necessary for smart investment, thus ensuring the legal status, security, and transparency of each contract in the system.

The multifunctional Bitbon platform is a blockchain-based platform, so it can be used for borrowing and lending any assets as well as transferring the property rights to assets without intermediaries. At the same time, blockchain and smart contracts technologies guarantee the data integrity and immutability.

The Bitbon System also facilitates collective investment via fundraising for business projects introduced as an IBO (Initial Business Offer). Importantly, any such activity within the system is subject to the legislation of the user’s jurisdiction and a multi-level identity verification process to provide maximum legality and responsibility.

In order for draft projects to obtain an IBO status, they must be audited by Bitup-agencies, which are special members of the Bitbon System.

The basis of the platform is the Bitbon, which is a derivative financial instrument designed as a crypto value, backed by real assets, and intended for trading on exchanges. The Bitbon tokens can also be used to purchase Projectbons that are similar to shares of profit received from projects offered as public contracts within the system.

Hence, the Bitbon System offers ample opportunities to both startups and investors looking for promising projects and facilitates the integration of traditional business into the digital economy.

Simcord specializes in developing and promoting financial software solutions based on the blockchain technology. Now it aims to enhance the functionality of its products and keep expanding the global blockchain ecosystem for various segments of business and the economy.

Bitbon System Crowdsale Details

The team launched the crowdsale on June 17 and will run it until October 10, 2018. The total supply of Bitbon is limited to $100 million, with $70 million available for sale. The project developers have already successfully raised a soft cap of $50 million, and now their target is a hard cap of $400 million.

To learn more about the crowdsale, visit the official website or follow project updates on Facebook or Twitter.

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