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Creation of Blockchain-Based Information Platforms

This publication is a continuation of my article “Transformation of Socioeconomic Relations in the Age of Blockchain-Based Information Platforms”. Comments and numerous personal messages confirm a considerable interest of people in blockchain, blockchain-based information platforms and, consequently, in the Bitbon System. Let’s figure out why exactly high-tech and multifunctional information platforms, which will allow us to significantly change socioeconomic relations, are, in my opinion, a natural and historical phenomenon of today’s life.

We know that many achievements and scientific discoveries were made by analyzing events and making decisions based on such analysis. Therefore, cause-effect relationships were established between global events that contributed to the development of society in various fields. Meanwhile, humankind gained much needed experience not only by making mistakes that, unfortunately, led to catastrophic or irreversible consequences, but also by performing actions that facilitated the progress as a whole. Such actions enabled us to, for example, explore space and planets, invent the Internet and technologies such as blockchain that had a positive effect on socioeconomic relations in society.

We understand that humanity achieved that due to natural processes of its development, because the principles and mechanisms of relations between people, as well as between a person and society have been studied for generations. However, the key problems of society remained unresolved, for example, as a result of a negative impact of the human factor on numerous social processes. For centuries, humankind was developing various theories, but we can see, as time went by, it failed to find an optimal solution to those key problems that would combine all accumulated human experience with any technology or method.

To that end, I’d like to express my confidence that a successful future of the entire humankind will be founded on the latest developments in the field of blockchain-based information platforms. Examples from history and understanding of capabilities and prospects of this technology give me that confidence.

Let’s look, for example, at some key stages of the evolution of market relations that defined the development of socioeconomic ties in different periods. In ancient times, seashells, stones and coffee beans were used as the first forms of money, and their emergence became a socio-cultural breakthrough of those times. With the globalization of trade and economic relations, a universal tool for determining value was required, which led to the emergence of the first stamped coins and paper money. But despite a clearly defined nominal value, practical use and increased international trade to the level of global economy, it was possible to counterfeit, lose or steal money and to use it for illegal corrupt schemes.

The next stage was the signing of the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944 that changed the entire financial system, and new conditions established new rules of existence and development in the world. It resulted in even more restrictions and contrasts in society, apparent disapproval at the national level, military conflicts and technological disasters.

Another important reference point was the emergence of electronic money that is undeniably easy to use. However, humanity didn’t eliminate the risks related to its use for money laundering, legalization of illegally received funds and for financing of terrorism.

Thus, even the given examples show that instead of being united, the world has remained complicated, closed and controversial. Scientists from economic institutions all over the world study human behavior in different socioeconomic groups, i.e. how people transfer money and assets in different legal systems.

We’re now witnessing a historical event — the development of a new technology called blockchain. It’s quite a serious statement, but although the blockchain technology is new today, it’s an important development stage of the entire humanity, as there is still no way to reduce uncertainty in relation to each other for producing common values and exchanging them without fear of forgery and theft. To solve this problem and reduce uncertainty, people created states and various institutions that currently allow us to exchange all types of assets. However, I know that uncertainty can be reduced not only by political solutions or initiatives by various economic institutions, but also by using the blockchain technology, in particular, during the transition of socioeconomic relations to information platforms based on it.

I’m confident that humankind is on the verge of the next stage of evolution of socioeconomic relations, as it’s the first time that we have an opportunity to significantly reduce uncertainty using the blockchain technology. And we have a tool to solve this task. It is a development of Simcord Company — the Bitbon System. I’m confident that the launch of this System as a global blockchain-based information platform will be one of the natural events that the next generation will be able to talk about saying “Yes, the integration of the Bitbon System contributed to social progress!”. On my part, I can state that the creation of the Bit bon System is a forecasted stage of the development of society of new generation based on the principle of socioeconomic relations that are built using digital assets as a new method for regulating legal relations. Moreover, the novelty of this method is the use of digital assets as a new form of digital contracts and elimination of a negative manifestation of the human factor and intermediaries in any legal relations.

That leads to the global task of the Bit bon System as a blockchain-based information platform. In the future, every such hardware and software complex will be able to become an optimal complex mechanism for managing, evaluating and measuring the cost of any type of values and, consequently, lay the foundation for a common global database updated in real time and containing objective information about all assets and resources available to the global economy, which will, therefore, contribute to the emergence of new methods of analysis that will allow relying on precise mathematical calculations, as well as about the rational use of all resources for the most effective development of human society.

I’d like to outline that the world population is growing at a rapid pace. We can see that excessive use of resources has led to their uncontrolled overconsumption, but resources are limited. Which is why, I think we need to emphasize the relevance of blockchain-based information platforms, since one of their functions is recording and monitoring the use of any digital data.

Based on everything stated above, we can imagine what a more perfect human society will be like: automated systems of digital asset management and mechanisms based on information platforms will be its foundation. In this respect, the Bit bon System fully meets the requirements of society, because it can allow using the available resources as efficiently as possible and ensure a new level of public security. In other words, it will be possible to create a new human society. Therefore, the above-mentioned evolutionary process of society continues, and soon we’ll see how the global economy will eliminate cash money. This is just a matter of time.

Simcord Company definitely looks to the future, and I can affirm that it won’t have money. Moreover, the concept of “money” itself won’t exist anymore. It will be replaced by assets of people and states in digital form. Their recording and monitoring of digital asset circulation will be performed automatically without the human factor. Such a system will definitely create an environment for exchange of digital assets without intermediaries.

Of course, new socioeconomic relations that will emerge and develop in the age of blockchain-based information platforms will change a person, society and, consequently, the entire world. I think everyone should know that it’s time to create a global digital ecosystem, the uniqueness of which will be talked about not only by our contemporaries but also by descendants. I’m confident that the faster we start to integrate information platforms and see progressive changes in socioeconomic relations, the more transparent and clearer our future and the future of next generations will be!

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