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Nowadays, everybody deals with a lot of various types of information on a daily basis filtering the most important things out of the ocean of useless data. With the development of science and technologies, we see not only new sources of information, but also new tools that help with sorting it and transforming into a more convenient format to use for studying and work.

Miner’s calculator is one of such tools. With it, you will be able to calculate potential remuneration for participating in Consensus building mining[i] taking into account the social connections in the mining pool. The miner’s calculator allows Bitbon System Miners[i] to predict the size of their remuneration for up to 5 years accounting for regular addition of funds to their Assetboxes[i], as well as the increase in the price of bitbon[i].

All calculations are made in accordance with the mathematical algorithm described in “Principles of Building Mining Pools and Crediting Remuneration”.

Thus, when you select the prediction period, the results of calculations will display a mathematically substantiated and theoretically possible size of remuneration that will be achieved by miners based on specified parameters.

Before making any calculations, we recommend reading the instructions for the miner’s calculator:

The miner’s calculator can be found in the “Audit and Statistics” section by following this link:

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The Bitbon System is a large-scale infrastructure project, which represents a decentralized platform for Contributing.

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Bitbon System

Bitbon System

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