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Software Update of the Nodes of the Bitbon System’s Blockchain

Due to the ongoing preparation for the creation of social connections of mining pools (May 29, 2020), today, prior to the first stage of launching Consensus building mining (June 27, 2020), we will conduct a scheduled software update of the nodes of the Bitbon System’s blockchain.

This update includes an innovative solution, due to which your Bitbons will not “leave” the Assetbox during a transfer until it is confirmed by the recipient. This approach ensures a high level of reliability, fault-tolerance and security of the transfer system, thereby increasing the level of trust towards digital assets and the decentralized execution environment of the Bitbon System as a whole.

Now there are new ways of making transfers at the level of nodes, which will ensure the connection of Users to mining pools and distribution of remuneration for Consensus building mining of the Bitbon System. Such ways include transfers without the need to confirm the transaction by the recipient as well as transfers with mandatory confirmation of the transaction by the recipient (but without using the protection code).

All Bitbon System Users will have access to these ways of making transfers after the launch of One Space Web and the update of the mobile version.

The update also includes:

  • improvement of the smart contracts mechanism;
  • smart contract for storing information on the distribution of capacities of mining pools;
  • ways of working with capacities of mining pools;
  • ability to receive information on the balance of an Assetbox at any point in time;
  • way of receiving information on all transactions over a certain period of time.

Please note that, since the operation of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets directly depends on the nodes of the Bitbon System’s blockchain, the Exchange will temporarily stop servicing its Users during the update from 21:00 April 24, until 01:00 April 25, 2020 (UTC+3).

In addition, during the update, all transfers that have not been accepted by the recipients will be automatically cancelled, and Bitbons will return to the senders’ Assetboxes. Transfers can be accepted on the “Bitbon Assets” page in the “My Transfers” section of the Bit Trade website.

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