BitBoost partners with Boston Entrepreneurship Center — Bitboost

BitBoost, the blockchain company developing The Block, has recently partnered with Boston Entrepreneurship Center, or BEC. This partnership will help to develop the business model for its blockchain-based decentralized marketplace, making The Block the most important e-commerce application for the crypto world.

BEC is a cutting edge center for entrepreneurship, designed to prepare students and business people to create and grow new startups and accelerate business opportunities, through a program that consist of coaching sessions and hands-on workshops. Based on the prestigious Cambridge Innovation Center at the MIT campus, BEC has been educating dozens of highly committed entrepreneurs since 2012, helping to create successful start-ups. BEC is also an excellent place, not only for learning the skills needed to create an early start-up but for growing the business network within their students, coaches, advisors, and supporters. A network much needed for those starting the new adventure that every early startup is.

BEC will help BitBoost as an early startup in this two ways: coaching and supporting BitBoost team, and also opening their wide networking in order to get new clients, advisors, and supporters. With this partnership BitBoost team will have more resources to understands and get into new markets, refining their value proposition and finding the best product-market fit.

In fact, the BitBoost business development team is are already working on this, looking both into crypto and emerging markets to develop their business model with The Block, as explained in its whitepaper. E-commerce came of age in the early years of the 21st century but remains a high-growth sector. Not least due to the opportunities offered by the proliferation of mobile devices. While internet access rates across developed markets are well above 80%, emerging markets have yet to catch up. Applying the same average access rate to emerging markets would lead to an additional 1.1 billion people who have access to e-commerce. So the industry’s growth outlook remains very positive.

With a running beta, and already working to raise enough funds for running the startup, the next step for BitBoost will be looking for the adequate market niches within this growing ecosystem, early adopters who will grow the platform. This will require a lean, start-up based, approach where BEC guiding will be very useful.

With this agreement BitBoost is going further in their partnerships with several companies within the blockchain and entrepreneurial environment, with a clear purpose in mind: to redefine e-commerce through blockchain, creating a successful and profitable blockchain-based e-commerce app, The Block, currently in beta testing.

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Originally published at on July 18, 2017.