Announcing our Javascript Implementation of the Tokenized Protocol

Alex Shore
Jul 9 · 2 min read

Building off of our Keyring libraries, BitBoss continues to support the BSV development community with our contribution of a Javascript implementation of the Tokenized Protocol. This newly contributed source code is initially being used by the BitBoss development teams to build out our browser based and mobile applications, however any Javascript developer creating applications for the BSV blockchain can now leverage the work that we have done to implement secure digital tokens.

The combination of the BSV blockchain and the Tokenized Protocol have finally allowed us to build out a scalable, low cost, fast, secure gaming platform on a public blockchain. As a key part of this platform we are creating digital tokens for our casino customers that allow their players to be able to avoid ATMs and lines at the casino and instead load up their mobile app with gambling tokens ahead of time. The player can then send these tokens to the Slot machine they are playing at and later cash out their winnings back to their mobile device, all without using cash. This provides significant convenience for the players and the ability for the casino to stay in constant contact with those players, opening up previously unattainable levels of marketing opportunities.

By using digital tokens implemented with the Tokenized Protocol, BitBoss is able to provide the casino with functionality that isn’t possible using cash or debit card solutions:

* Controlled spend — a token can be configured to only be usable at the casino’s properties

* Increased loyalty — separate tokens can be created to reach new levels of player loyalty, for example to give free theater tickets to a customer

* Promotions — tokens can be configured to expire on a certain date or not be usable until a future date, to increase return business

With a market cap of $3.5B there are extremely high incentives for the thousands of miners and developers to continue to secure and scale out the BSV blockchain. This allows BitBoss to offer robust gaming platform systems to casinos with drastically reduced security and IT infrastructure costs.

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