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Sep 10 · 1 min read

BitBoss is building real money gaming solutions leveraging the power of the Bitcoin SV blockchain and the Tokenized Protocol. They have created a Bitcoin SV mobile cryptocurrency wallet that has their baccarat and lottery games embedded into it, as they know that the mobile wallet is about to become the epicenter of every player’s mobile experience. BitBoss’ mobile games can run using native BSV or a custom token, for example a token specifically created for a casino that can only be used for gambling within that casino’s ecosystem.

As bets are sent to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, a BitBoss designed smart contract processes the bet and places both bet results and payout transactions back onto the chain. They include their double spend prevention technology when using native BSV, and leverage Tokenized’s double spend prevention when bets are placed using a custom token. Please see this video to watch our mobile application in action.

What’s next? BitBoss will be incorporating provably fair functionality into their mobile games using their patent pending technology. The Tokenized Protocol will also power their Slot Machine integration by allowing players to send tokens directly to a slot machine from their smartphone and then later cash out back to the phone.

About us:

BitBoss creates blockchain solutions for the real money gaming industry. More info at and on Twitter @bitbossio.

Our Typescript implementation of the Tokenized Protocol:

Our Keyring libraries for BSV development:

Technology For Gaming

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Technology For Gaming

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