Alex Shore
Aug 8 · 1 min read

BitBoss is excited to announce that it is now sending and receiving tokens on top of the BitcoinSV blockchain. BitBoss is developing with the Javascript implementation of the Tokenized Protocol, which it contributed to the Tokenized open source project to further support the BSV development community.

“This is a major milestone with our cryptocurrency wallet technology” says Chief Engineer Justin Laue. “We leveraged the BitBoss Keyring libraries to develop our BSV wallet, and now we are able to create and send custom tokens within that wallet. We’d like to extend our thanks for the amazing ongoing support that the Tokenized team has provided us throughout our development cycle”.

BitBoss is a real money gaming company working on solutions in the casino and sports betting industry. Having a token running on BSV allows us to create new innovative products. Similar to how ERC-20 tokens power creative solutions on Ethereum, BitBoss is using Tokenized for similar capabilities on BSV, where it can also leverage the highly scalable network, extremely low transaction fees, and built in double spend prevention functionality.

BitBoss is seeing new customer opportunities and increased interest in its products because of what it is now able to do with custom casino tokens. More info about us can be found at:

Keyring libraries:

Javascript implementation of Tokenized:

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Technology For Gaming

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