Alex Shore
Sep 26 · 1 min read

Per the call to action from Steve Shadders at nChain, we have just released a Keyring update to support the new OP_FALSE OP_RETURN script type.

This change will ensure that all apps being developed with Keyring will maintain consistent behavior both now and after the Bitcoin SV Genesis upgrade. Instead of starting a script with OP_RETURN, it should start with OP_FALSE OP_RETURN. A locking script that contains this will always fail when it hits this sequence of op codes both now and after the Genesis upgrade, which is the proper, secure behavior.

Keyring is a collection of javascript libraries for creating and signing transactions, allowing developers to easily build wallets for the Bitcoin SV blockchain. We built Keyring for our own needs while developing our online gaming ecosystem that runs on Bitcoin SV, however we continue to enhance this library in an effort to help the entire Bitcoin SV community of developers.


npm: @keyring/bsv

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