BitCake and Exit Games partnership!

After years of using Exit Games products, we were invited to create a Holodrive multiplayer shooter demo that explored the tools of the latest developer product called Photon Quantum. Photon and Photon Quantum are services for creating multiplayer games, allowing several people to play simultaneously.

We were so excited about the new possibilities that the whole team was involved in the development of the demo but, unfortunately, the game is not released to the general public. However, all Quantum users will have full access to it! Not just to play, but they can use it to learn and create their games.

The other part of the partnership is the onboarding course. Whenever a developer buys the Quantum license, he/she gains a class taught by Exit Games to explain how to develop using Quantum, which is way different from standard Photon. From now on, BitCake will represent Exit Games by giving onboarding courses to Brazilian studios!

The training has already begun, and we are pleased to strengthen further our relationship with this company, which is part of our history from the very beginning. ❤

Blueless is not available for you to play, but you can play Holodrive for free, on Steam! Click on the GIF to install :)